Product Review for 6 Piece MicroFiber Cleaning Kit

Product Review: 6-Piece MicroFiber Cleaning Kit – including MicroFiber Swivel Mop, MicroFiber Miracle Cloth, and MicroFiber Magic Sponge

Rating: 4 out of 5

Summary: I purchased the 6 piece set off of the QVC television channel (can also be found on their website). I was very excited about receiving this set due to all of the great input I’ve heard about cleaning with microfiber. Many cleaning companies highly recommend this type of material when trying to keep a home tidy and fresh without a lot of hassle. I had been eyeing the item for a couple of weeks after watching the promotion for it on the QVC channel and finally couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and decided to give it a shot. I had previously been using the Swiffer mop prior to this, but the cost of replacing pads constantly was getting ridiculous. I have a crawling baby, so needless to say my floors need to be cleaned very often. You’ll never know how fast a floor can get dirty until you have a drooling baby moving around!

MicroFiber Swivel Mop – This mop comes unassembled, however it is very simple to place together. If purchasing the 6 piece kit, you’ll receive two microfiber pads to mop with. No tools are needed.

Pros: This mop is amazing – so far I absolutely love using it. The mop works great on both of my floor types: tile and vinyl; however, it also is noted to work great on wood and many other flooring types as well. Due to my need to mop frequently, this mop has been a dream come true for expenses! Not only was it very affordable to purchase, but being able to toss the microfiber mop pads into the washing machine to clean – or rinse them in the sink is great! No more need to spend a ton of hard earned cash on dispensable pads that you will run through in no time at all.

Another great reason I truly enjoy this mop is that it only needs water to clean the floor spotless. You don’t need any harsh chemicals to scrub up the dirt, which is great for pets and kids. The pads have looped microfiber so it’s much easier to pick up the pieces on the floor and not just push grime around. It’s very quick and easy to use and put away, so I’m not stuck spending all of my time cleaning!

Cons: Although the kit comes at a great and affordable price, I do highly wish that they would remake a better handle grip for this mop. The top handle is made of a cheaper plastic and slides off easily. It can become a pain when you are trying to scrub with the mop and the handle keeps trying to pull upward and off. It would have been a much nicer build if they had used something that would remain permanently on and possibly in a comfortable rubber grip.

MicroFiber Miracle Cloth – The kit came with two of these cloths. They can be used both wet and dry which is great for different tasks throughout the home.

Pros: These cloths are excellent for cleaning. They don’t produce lint as a washcloth or other rag may which makes it excellent for mirrors. They are soft enough for just about any surface, but still get the job done to leaves things “sparkling”. I use this often in my bathroom to clean around the sink, the mirrors, and medicine cabinet. The cloth is large enough to tackle many jobs at once. They are also very absorbent so you won’t leave water droplets that can cause markings all over surfaces. Also, machine washable – I can’t say it enough, I love this part about this kit! There is no more need to go through paper towels with products such as this on the market. It’s also great for the environment. You can simply toss them into the washer with a load of laundry to clean.

Cons: The only negative thing I would really have to say about this product is that the kit didn’t come with 10 more! There is truly nothing poor I have to state about these other than you need to toss them into the washer now and then for sanitation purposes. They can obtain bacteria from simply hand washing each time. But I wouldn’t really consider that a “con” as it would be the same for any cloth wipe.

MicroFiber Magic Sponge – The kit comes with one sponge which has two sides: an abrasive side to scrub up tougher messes, such as the stovetop – and a soft side to wipe up all of the very tiny pieces and excess moisture most sponges leave behind.

Pros: This is my new favorite sponge! It cleans better than any other sponge I have ever used in the kitchen. I have used it for both dishes and around the rest of the kitchen area such as countertops, stovetop, and in the microwave. I must admit, I can be quite a messy cook at times and this sponge has really come through on keeping things looking great for me afterwards. It gets the oil and food debris up with no trouble. You are able to use nothing but water and it cleans just great for most jobs. However, if you are like me and prefer to sanitize things such as the counters, you are also able to use cleaning products as well with it. When you are finished, simply toss it into the laundry with a load of clothes – or if you prefer you may wash it out by hand, this method will not sanitize it properly though (just as with any sponge). It is also dishwasher safe, as an alternative you are able to put it in with a load of dishes and it will come out clean and sanitized.

Cons: I do wish that this kit came with more than just one sponge. Since it is excellent for both dishes and cleaning the kitchen I feel it should have come with two. I always have to place it into the dishwasher or washing machine before being able to swap it from one task to the other.

Overall I highly recommend this kit to those who want an effective, easy, and simple way to clean their home!

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