Product Review of Comet Cleanser

Arthritis has slowed you down a bit, getting down on all fours to really scrub the bathtub has become harder and harder. The end result is it just doesn’t get cleaned all that often anymore and the buildup of soap film is starting to look pretty bad. Those cute little cleaners that spray after every shower just don’t cut it, the product you need has been around for ages, and still works as good as ever. This is a job for Comet cleanser, settle for none other.

Comet came on the market in 1956, produced at that time by Proctor and Gamble. Currently it is distributed by Prestige Brands to US markets. Advertised as a Scratch Free product with a Bleach Disinfectant cleanser, Comet has been the mainstay of most bathroom cleaners for over 50 years.

Advertised as a biodegradable product that is phosphate free, Comet is an effective, and environmentally safe product. Some caution is required, when it comes to mixing it with other cleaning products. Toilet cleaners that contain ammonia may create a dangerous chemical reaction, so be sure to use Comet by itself.

Many of todays bathtubs have a textured surface as an anti-slip safety feature. One bad aspect of these tubs is they tend to build up dirt in the crevices of this textured surface. Spray cleaners will have very little effect when it come to removing this nasty buildup. It’s time to get back to basics, and break out the Comet Cleanser.

Spray the tub down with water, as a wet surface is required to allow scrubbing. Shake a liberal covering of Comet over the textured surface. Let it set a while as it will start working at loosening the dirt all by itself. Now is the hard part, down on your knees with a good stiff bristled brush. This will take a good amount of scrubbing, but believe me when I say Comet is the only thing I’ve found that will get down into every pore of the textured surface, and break up the build up of dirt, soap, and grime.

Don’t get into a hurry, scrub the slurry of wet Comet Cleanser two or three times. When you think you’ve got it done, rinse and check your work. If your tub has been ignored for a good long while, it may take two or three applications before that brand new glitter returns. Persistence will be rewarded, rest assured, the tub will come clean, and look like new again.

This can’t be said for spray on cleaners, none of them can match the deep down cleaning power of good old Comet Cleanser. Doesn’t matter how long you scrub, the other products just can’t get it clean enough to please your Mother’s critical eye. Even if she’s not there, you know how picky she would be.

Of course Comet is a great product for all your bathroom and kitchen cleaning needs. I’ve yet to find a tougher job then cleaning the textured surface of a modern bathtub. When it comes to dirty jobs that must be really clean, there is nothing like Comet Cleaner. It’s Mom approved, and will make her proud.

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