Product Review – Restorz-It Wood Finish Restorer and Cleaner

My superior-half wanted to replace or reface our kitchen cabinets. And our bathroom vanity. Both are original to the house and are twenty-seven years old. So, we were faced with a very expensive proposition that I didn’t want to deal with. One overriding factor, at least for me, is that we will probably put the house up for sale in the next 3 years or so. Why invest a lot of loot if we aren’t going to stay here? Besides, the next occupants may not like the style or finish anyway.

As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of money on clothes and status symbols, I prefer to invest it in fine beer and xBox games. Priorities. But, the pressure to “do something about the cabinets” was increasing and I therefore had to “do something”. I went straight to the mother of all information: Google. After typing in “refinish kitchen cabinets”, there was an electronic chuckle and it threw a gazillion hits back at me. Ain’t the internet great?

Seriously, Google saved us $600 or more just on the bathroom vanity. One of the sites that turned up was Restorz-It Wood Finish Restorer and Cleaner. I was intrigued by the fact (theirs) that their cleaning and restoration solutions could bring our woodwork back to its original appearance. After investigating the web site and reading a bunch of testimonials, I decided to take a chance and purchase them for $60, which included shipping.

The wood cleaner is concentrated, so all you need is three ounces in a gallon of hot water. It is not like some wood stripping products that produce hazardous vapors and a visit by the Hazmat Team. Rather, it has a very pleasant citrus aroma while you scrub the wood with a sponge. It’s biodegradable, non-polluting and won’t harm your skin. I used it with my own bare hands and had no ill effects. After wiping it off with clean, hot water, I let it dry for the recommended three hours.

Then it was time for the restorer. I applied it with a rolled-up sock, leaving a smooth wet surface rather than a lot of rubbing. This is important as the solution bonds with the woodwork rather than just leaving an oily residue. (The company says it’s an actual finish, not a polish.) It then needs to dry for twenty-four hours before contact. If you follow the simple directions you won’t have any problems.

The results? Fantastic! The vanity, which is a double-sink type and is six feet long, never looked so good! We had tenants in the house for eleven years and their dogs and cats scratched it up pretty badly. Restorz-It filled in the scratches with the coloring agent and the overall sheen is awesome. By the way, it comes in three color choices, depending on your wood finish. If we replaced the vanity with a new one, it would have cost over $600! My $60 was well spent and a lot less of a hassle compared to removing the old one and installing the new one.

The web site is efficiently simple, well-organized and has a load of information, including a color guide, to help you decide what to order. The bonus was a free bottle of the wood cleaning solution when you order the wood restorer. What a deal! My next project is to restore the kitchen cabinets with the same solution. I tested one of the cabinet doors and it had an equally beautiful result. The bottle of wood restorer solution is good for 400 square feet (an entire set of kitchen cabinets and two baths).

If you are considering refacing or replacing cabinets, check this out first. There is a 100% money back guarantee and you will save a lot of money!

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