Product Review – Under Armour Long Sleeves Shirt

Under Armour Men’s Loose Gear Long Sleeve Shirt

great piece of gear, very usefull

a little expensive, wears out under the pressure of backpack straps

The Bottom Line
I love this piece of gear and wouldn’t go on a trip without it.

Full Review
These long sleeves shirts are great for all types of weather. I wore one as a base layer in 100 mile dog sled race I was in. During the race I was running up hills and kicking on straight aways. I worked up quite a sweat during this. Being sweaty is a bad thing in the cold. But the under armour wicked away my body moisture and helped to slowly cool me back down.

During the summer I wear one of these under my t-shirts when I go backpacking. They do the same thing by wicking away my body moisture but now it helps to keep me cool on hot days and dries fast.

I’m also a rafting guide and wear this under my life vest to protect me from being out in the sun all day long. It works well for that and also dries very fast. One thing I noticed is that in sports where my life jacket rubs against the shirt the material is getting worn out. I guess thats to be expected for as much as I use. For the average person just wearing the shirt for hiking and as a base layer I dont think you would have this problem.


Amount Paid (US$): 35.00

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