Progesterone Cream Provides Menopause Relief

A recent study has proven that the use of progesterone cream can provide relief of menopausal symptoms without any short-term health risks. It’s a different way for women to use bioidentical hormones to help with relief of menopause naturally. It has most commonly been used for the relief of hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, and depression.

Women who are looking for a safe and natural alternative for synthetic hormones have found comfort in the use of progesterone cream. The estimated 50 million Americans that are in the age bracket for menopause and peri-menopause are all looking for a more natural relief of the uncomfortable symptoms that occur during this time. Many women are relieved to find that there are now such options, such as progesterone creams, that are simple and easy to use, and do not carry the threatening side effects.

Women, who have higher levels of cortisol, are proven to be at a much higher risk for heart attacks, cancer, obesity, and other diseases. The use of progesterone cream can lower the levels of cortisol, therefore lowering the risk of such diseases and risks.

Bioidentical hormones, like this progesterone cream, are look-alikes that work the same way a naturally produced hormone would. When a woman’s ovaries stop making sufficient hormones, or she has them removed through surgery, the bioidentical hormone compounds mimic the exact hormones that the body used to provide. By using these bioidentical alternatives, the body is able to reach a state of homeostasis again, relieving many of the discomforts of menopause.

Many progesterone creams are available over the counter, but there are some that are prescribed by your doctor. Some of the prescribed progesterone creams can then be modified by a compounding pharmacy to fit the exact levels of hormones that your body needs. This eliminates the one-size-fits-all mentality and makes it much easier for women to find balance rather than taking too much or too little. Since no one’s body is the same, why would the dosage of medication be the same for everyone? It wouldn’t, and it’s a great relief to now have the option of individualized therapy through compounding pharmacies in conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations.

Another benefit of receiving progesterone cream through a compounding pharmacy is that it can be combined with other hormones that your body is lacking. A common combination is estrogen and progesterone, since your body functions best when both are in balance.

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