Project Runway Season Three: What Will Happen?

Project Runway became a run away hit two seasons ago. This is because it has the perfect mix of fashion, creativity, and craziness. Besides the interesting challenges that are given to the contestants every week; viewers can’t wait to see what the contestants will do every week. It is always interesting to see which contestants will get into fights, which contestants will make the weirdest outfits, and which constants will make the most beautiful clothes. Season three of Project Runway will be as creative and crazy as ever.

The third season of Project Runway started last Wednesday with a special show highlighting what former contestants are up to today. This special called Road to the Runway gave viewers a sneak peak at this season’s contestants. It is possible that this season it will be harder to choose both a winner for each challenge and a loser that will be given Heidi Klum’s famous German goodbye.

This is because many of the contestants on season three of Project Runway has worked in the fashion industry for many years. There are only two or three people who have just graduated from a college or university that specializes in fashion. But, there are two guys that seem talented but are also what I will call “the characters of Project Runway.”

There are two guys that I think will standout as the guys that viewers will love to hate or hate to love. There is Vincent who had a career in fashion years ago but the stress of the fashion industry got to him. Therefore, he quit but now he is back in the fashion industry. He seems too hyper to be on Project Runway to make beautiful clothes.

For example, he put a basket on his model head for the first challenge and he described the second challenge as the nightmare of his life. He is too dramatic and he will be gone by week three of Project Runway.

There is Malan who auditioned for Project Runway three times. He was accepted to be on Project Runway for the second season. He turned the show down because he thought that he was too good for the show. Malan sounds like he has a fake British accent and a laugh that makes him sound like a Disney villain. Malan seems like he will yell and fight with the judges if they don’t like his designs. However, he did make a great looking outfit for the first challenge. Malan will probably make it to Fashion Week even though he probably doesn’t deserve it.

There are four contestants that will be vying for the last two spots in order go to Fashion Week. Robert Best spent ten years designing for Mattel. He mainly designed outfits for Barbie. He also worked for Isaac Mitrahi. For the first challenge, Robert designed a dress from a duvet cover and some silver wall hangings.

This dress showed much innovation. Also, Laura showed real innovation by making a dress from a rug and a chandelier. Plus, she has five kids; therefore, the pressure of Project Runway will not get to her. Kane is great because he has a cool name. In addition, Michael has much innovation and is cool because he made a dress out of coffee filters
Project Runway is crazy, creative, and fashion forward. There will be crazy and creative challenges, kooky contestants, cruel and calm judges, and a cool mentor. The only thing that I know for sure is that Project Runway will be unpredictable.


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