Prolong Your Pet’s Life

Pets become part of the family and losing one can be devastating. There are ways to prolong your pet’s life and keep them happy and healthy.

*Visit the vet more often
Cats that are 10 and dogs that are 7 need to see a doctor twice a year, according to the ASPCA. Pet owners shoudl also keep track of their pet’s weight. Any significant changes could be a sign of trouble.

*Don’t exercise them too hard
Just like us, pets lose muscle mass and bone-and-joint strength when they age. Continue to play with your pet but make your sessions shorter. If your pets have arthritis, purchase a special ramp or bed. Be sure to ask your vet about heat therapy, supplements and anti-inflammatory medications to soothe your pet’s aching joints.

*Be prepared for changes
In the event that your pet loses their hearing and/or eyesight, alert your vet. These losses could produce changes in your pet’s behavior and your vet needs to be made aware.

*Pay attention to appearance
If your older cat has stopped grooming or has greasy fur, it could signal health issues. Brush short-haired pets weekly and long-haired animals daily. Matted fur causes infections. Also check for skin lumps or lesions.

*Monitor your pet’s diet
You do not need to buy “mature” or “adult” food formulas. But you do need to let your vet know if your pet’s appetite decreases.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your older pet in line for a long and healthy life!

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