Protest Ends with Mexican Flag on California Post Office

A demonstration near the California/Mexico border has caught my attention, not only for what occurred there (that might be considered an act of war if you think about it) but also the city it took place in and what this city “represents”. The city is called Maywood, California, and it’s gaining notariety as being a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. It’s all riding on the back of the new City Council, the majority of whom were voted into office by the wave of people living there who were sick and tired of the city targeting illegals or simply of being targeted by the city, pretty easy to do when they boast their 97% Latino population and more than half are illegal immigrants. Protesters are constantly in the city, opposing the sanctuary status of this chunk of American soil, countered by those who live there and are in favor of it. The protests finally reached an escalation point that really disturbed me.

They took down the American flag at the local post office, threw it on the ground and stomped on it, and then hoisted the Mexican flag in its place.

Nobody else sees this as a declaration of war, or at least of civil insurrection?

Let’s rewind and look at the big issue that started all the protests. This city of lawlessness, if you will. With this new majority in the City Council of Maywood that was put into office after residents in this 97% Latino city were tired of laws and police targeting illegal immigrants – they have taken measures to declare the town a “sanctuary” for these lawbreakers. They’re trying to overturn FEDERAL laws so they can say “they’re not breaking OUR laws”, as well as simply eliminating the people who would say otherwise. The police used to simply impound cars of unlicensed drivers, because ILLEGALS CAN’T GET LICENSED. So the City Council simply eliminated the police traffic division so there’s no more people to tow unlicnsed drivers’ cars.

Cities don’t have the right to pass laws like the ones they are passing. The Maywood city council passed a resolution opposing the tough immigration bill before Congress, which would make it a felony to cross the border illegally or to aid anyone who does. And THAT bill is an UPGRADE – we already HAVE federal AND state laws making illegal immigration… ILLEGAL. You can’t just pass an opposing law. You can change the law of the state or the country, but you can’t overturn it in your little “City That May No Longer Be”. Take it to Sacramento. Take it to Washington. Instead, they take it to the streets of Maywood. The fact that they’ve taken the steps they already have with their resolution and disregard for state and federal law and policy follows with the definition of an insurrection, and state/federal officers and troops should be sent in to deal with it!

There are constantly protesters. Save Our State and Minutemen members and supporters flock back to the city, trying to make a difference. The 97% Latino city, more than HALF of which is estimatedly illegal immigrants, get in their face with their own signs. The police do NOTHING. Aside from this “declaration of war”, at the protest on Saturday it was reported that when police tried to intervene and take down the hoisted Mexican flag, they were assaulted with a barrage of bottles and rocks from the Latino counter-protesters. NO ARRESTS WERE MADE. They defy state and federal law, half of the residents are illegally in the country, and they get to assault our police officers and NOTHING GETS DONE? Once again, I am sorely disappointed.

Just for clarification, because it can get worded weirdly – the protesters are the U.S. citizens of Save Our State. the counter-protesters are the residents of Maywood who have their OWN signs and are used to battling the frequent protests. (I’d call them citizens, but more than half of the 97% Latino residents are illegal and are not, by definition, citizens.)

Saturday, 2:00pm: A handful of the city’s Latino counter-protest group approach the city’s local post office. They climb and jump over the fence (insert your own racist joke here so I don’t have to) and lower the American flag. They throw it on the ground and stomp on it, the prepare the Mexican flag to replace it and hoist it up the flagpole. Police later try to take it down, but in the barrage of bottles and rocks, the ropes get tangled, the wrong one gets cut, and the flag is simply stuck and winds up left there.

No arrests. Not for trespassing, defacing the flag, assaulting police officers, or defying the nation in general. Oh, and also the cars of the protesters were vandalized – tires slashed, windows broken, and “F^&* YOU” spraypainted on several of them. (Censored in the article, not on the spraypainted cars.)

This act should be considered a declaration of war and we should act accordingly.

After all, weren’t the past few centuries about the cunning use of flags? The idea is, as British comedian Eddie Izzard would remind you, that you could come into a country of indiginous peoples and plant a flag and claim the country. After all, that’s now Britain claimed India and a number of other countries, and how America simply came to be.

“You can’t do that, we LIVE here!”
“Do you have a flag?”
“No, but we live here! It’s our country!”
“NO FLAG, NO COUNTRY! Those are the rules!”

– Eddie Izzard, “Dressed to Kill”

If you don’t see it as a declaration of war yet, I’ll try one more path of logic that may help you out.

A few of the signs held by the counter-protesters read things like “ILLEGAL EUROPEAN INVADERS GO BACK TO EUROPE”. Okay, they’re trying to make a point that we Americans came here from Europe in the first place without an invitation. We immigrated into this new continent and invaded it. Although back then, the Native Americans didn’t seem to have a law against immigration, so it can’t really be considered “illegal”. Also, we killed most of them who happened to be in our way. I’m not saying I’m proud of America’s history of cruelty, but we did it. We killed most of them, and they still suffer to this day in what little land and rights we’ve left with them.

Wait, the illegal immigrants are bringing up this point? Are they trying to insinuate that they’re doing the same thing WE did by using signs comparing THEIR immigration with OUR immigration? We invaded a land, planted a flag, and killed the natives who got in our way. The illegal immigrants must be stating they’re going to do the same thing!

They’ve already invaded the land. Check any city in the U.S., you’ll find them. They represent a chunk of the population ranging from very small in patriotic cities that won’t stand for it at all to apparently levels above and beyond 50% like in Maywood.

And on Saturday, they planted their flag on our building. ON OUR SOIL.

Refresh my memory… what comes next?

If you think I’m overexaggerating, fine. But I’m just one person who decided to consider what facts I have and make this comparison and analysis. There are lots of people smarter than me who may see counterpoints, or agree with me on higher levels. There are also lots of people less smart than me who may make the same connection and take this to a physical level rather than an intellectual one, or try to counterpoint with ignorance and blind opinion rather than fact or logic.

Let me know. Share your opinions. We’re all entitled to them, and I’ve certainly expressed mine.

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