Public Restroom Etiquette: How to Treat Public Facilities

We take using public facilities for granted. After all we usually do not have to clean them. If we had to clean them how would that change our treatment of them? In this article I put together some ways we should act when using public restroom facilities.

Treat it like its your bathroom at home

You wouldn’t throw paper towels or splash water all over your bathroom at home so why do you do it in public? Public restrooms are a convenience but not a right. In other words retail stores, wholesale stores, etc do not have to put bathrooms in their buildings. They do this as a convenience. Yes most cities have ordinances that public buildings have to have restroom facilities. Stores do not cause even though people shop there they are not considered public buildings. So keep this in mind when your out and about.

Someone has to clean up after you

Restrooms don’t clean themselves so when you make a huge mess someone has to clean it up. It only takes a few seconds to make sure your paper towel you wiped your hands with ends up in the trash instead of the floor.

Sinks are for washing your hands not the rest you. When you splash water all over someone has to mop it up. Plus you risk someone slipping and falling on a wet floor.

Don’t allow your kids to trash the restrooms

Kids left unattended will most likely make a mess. Kids try and flush whole rolls of paper towels and toilet rolls down the toilet for kicks. Its not funny and it makes the toilet unusable and in worst cases a plumber needs to be called. Who cares it isn’t your problem right?

Diaper changing tables

Most restrooms come equipped with baby changing tables. This is where parents will change their babies than throw the dirty smelly diaper on the floor or behind the toilet. Others may find your baby cute but they don’t want to smell his nasty diaper. To just throw waste products around in the restroom is just plain rude.

Bodily fluids can carry disease

Lets face it some people who use public facilities could have diseases like Hepatitis, HIV, etc. When people use public restrooms the potential for passing disease is very possible. You and everyone who uses public facilities can do their part to keep public restrooms clean. Pick up after yourself. If you have an accident report it to the manager of that store or facility. Offer to help clean it up. Most places will not let you or ask you to but they will appreciate the effort.

Last tip is try going before you leave the house so you don’t always have to use the facility. If your sick or have diarrhea stay home if at all possible. Lets face it if you have diarrhea you don’t need to be going to the grocery store.

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