Puerto Rico’s Finest Hotel: Posada Porlamar

If you are considering a trip to Puerto Rico, and are looking for a place to temporarily call home, do not overlook Posada Porlamar. This hotel is built on the waterfront and offers a tranquil environment to be rivaled by no other hotel in the area. If you are looking for relaxation, and the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere, look no further.

Posada Porlamar is located in the coastal town of La Parguera. This small town is world famous for its marine life and Phosphorescent Bay of La Parguera. The Phosphorescent Bay is home to millions of microorganisms that cling to the body of fish and float on the water to produce a spectacular light show rivaling that of the stars in the night sky!

In addition to the scenery surrounding the hotel, a beautifully decorated interior greets you as you make your grand entrance. On the ground level of the hotel you will find a conference room that can seat up to 125 people. The conference room is often used for parties, banquets and weddings.

The Posada Porlamar houses 35 bedrooms on three floors. The top level rooms offer a panoramic view of the entire coastline, where as the second floor overlooks the waterfront while offering private verandas. All of the rooms are spacious and come with the comfort that you would expect from a first class hotel.

On the second floor you will also find La Pared Restaurant, where you will be sure to experience a fine cuisine dining experience while overlooking the ocean.

Don’t pass up the chance to experience Puerto Rico in one of the regions finest hotels. Make your reservations today for the vacation of a lifetime!

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