Pulling a Woman’s Hair to Spice Up Your Sex Life

You really don’t want to get this one wrong. Maybe you’ve heard by now that women really, really love having their hair pulled. Some women can have an orgasm with nothing but that if it’s really done convincingly. But you’ve never mastered the art. ShhhâÂ?¦.I’ll tell you the secrets.

Don’t assume that just because women give off a dominant air that they would be shocked by your assumption of your own dominance. Many women are fluid in powerplay, and often, the most submissive women are those who have the most professional, tough, responsible everyday personae. Feel her out, see if she softens when you rub her feet, or if she yields when push her or pull her a little more forcefully than usual. If she does, wait until you two are alone and she doesn’t have to keep up her poised demeanor. And be prepared for her turning around and pulling your hair right back. Go with it. Dual dominance play, muscles working, celebrating strength, and the ability to generate lust can be extremely exciting.

If she has ever tugged at your hair, even lightly, she may be giving you a hint. She doesn’t want to confuse you and dominate you. But she really wants to give you the idea. Do it. Don’t hesitate. She wants it bad. It’s a primal urge from ancient times.

It helps to have large biceps to really give a woman the sense she is being overpowered. If you don’t have it, fake it. Get into the feeling of it, and pretend, and just your attitude will go a long way. But if you ever have wondered why a woman likes big arms, this is why. Exactly why. Got it?

When you do it, don’t ask if it’s ok, or be all nice about it, and for heavens sake, do something about your hair if it even remotely resembles a hairstyle your mother is comfortable with. Prepare by wearing black underwear. Dress with something that shows off your style, your force, your maleness. Get into the mood, maybe with a little of your favorite drink to lesson your inhibitions. Because if you are wimpy about this, forget it. She may laugh at you inside.

But you, you know the inside scoop. You know exactly what to do, and it shows, and your self confidence is what it’s all about, really. Take her. Bind her to your with your arm. And this is how. It can happen at any time. Surprise is good, and so is working into it, teasing her with your advances, but nothing too physical yet, just with your own animal magnetism. Sometimes, doing it in public and seeing her squirm and sigh and fall back into your arms may be pretty fun. There is nothing she can do about. She will be fantasizing about your all evening. I guarantee it.

So, don’t disappoint her after a tease. A good place to really give her a good hair pulling is up against a wall. You can push her up to it, really let her melt, and pull her hair. Any place will do, but this is most hightly recommended. It’s a double whammy. A back alley is convenient, if you want to go ahead and get naughty. You can even do it in the privacy of your own home, no points taken off. If you can do it in time with a musical crescendo, you get extra points.

How is done? You grab her hair at the NAPE OF THE NECK. That is a very important phrase. Feel your testosterone. But be subtle, very sensitive. If you grab too large a hunk of hair, it will be coming from all over her head. That doesn’t feel so good, and it may actually hurt her neck for you to pull it down. This is the main secret. Be very aware of where each strand of hair is coming from. If it is coming from the sides, the top, even close to either, start over. Obviously, don’t’ do this at all if she has just returned from the chiropractor. To be safe, pull a small amount of hair, but very centered. This is an art. Doing it on one side of the head isn’t balanced, and can lead to neck difficulties. It feels sloppy. Try that later for variety, or in the heat of passion, but for now, start with the true blue nape of the neck. The process it may take to get just the right hair is ok. She’ll thank you for being considerate. Try to do it proficiently, but fumbling around is ok. She won’t be too picky at first.

When you find the hair at the nape of the neck, say two or three inches high and wide, pull STRAIGHT DOWN. Not back. Not sideways. Not kitty cornered. Down. Towards her feet. And this is the moment you put all your attitude and maleness and dominance into it. That’s what it’s all about, and if she feels it coming from you, she will be much less interested in roaming around looking for men, she will be grateful to you, and she will go weak in the knees immediately. Other part of her body will open up to you. She may moan. She may moan loudly. She may grab you. She will most likely be ready to make love with you right away, no other foreplay required. She will be so ready, she won’t be able to stand it. She may not be able to stand. Be ready to catch her.

When you do it, as you refine your technique, it’s good to be above her. It’s good to wear something or nothing, that exposes your biceps. It’s good to have some forceful words that accompany the moment. It’s good to do it when you making love. It’s good to do it when you want to drive her over the edge into complete bliss.

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