Pur Water 3 Stage Horizontal Faucet Mount: Leaking is a Common Problem

As a person who drinks filtered water throughout the day and uses filtered water for cooking, I though that the Pur water filter would be a perfect match for my lifestyle. It would save me time by not having to refill a pitcher every time I wanted a pot of soup and would enable me to clean my produce easily with filtered water. It does let me do those things, but the hassles I have experienced trying to get it to work right eventually came to outweigh the benefits I was so excited about.

When I first purchased the water filter, I found it easy to mount on the faucet. A large, easy-to-turn knob quickly switched between tap water and the filtered water. Although the unit itself seemed large at first, it didn’t cause me any problems and now seems natural.

A light on the front of the unit blinks when you first turn on filtered water: green if the filter is still good, orange if it needs replacing, and red if you ignore the replacement warning and start drinking the equivalent of tap water. This is the best feature of the Pur water filtration system. Before I had only used the pitcher varieties of water filters and deciding when to change the filter was the greatest hassle. I had to rely on my taste buds and much before to change the filter before I notice the change of water quality.

Another thing I like about the Pur water filter is its convenience when using water for cooking or preparing food. Before when I used a pitcher filter, I would sometimes have to wait on the pitcher to refill if I needed a large quantity of water. Now, my filtered water supply is seemingly endless.

With all the advantages to the Pur faucet water filter, there is one major problem that I have with the Pur filter. Although it works great at first, the seals don’t remain tight. Whenever I go to pour a glass of water, some water sprays up. I end up with a wet hand whenever I use my sink, whether I have the filter on or off. I’ve tried adjusting the filter to fix this problem, but haven’t had any luck. It leaks around the faucet nozzle every time I turn on my water.

When I started having the leaking problem, I read other reviews of this Pur water filter. Unfortunately, leaking seems to be a common problem. If you don’t mind this one hassle, the Pur Water 3 Stage Horizontal Faucet is a good product.

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