Pygmy Goats

As with most domesticated animals, pygmy goats depend on their owner for all their needs to survive. If just one of these needs is not fulfilled it can create problems for them. The basic needs are food, water and shelter. But, they will also need vaccinations and parasite control. If these needs are met, pygmy goats can lead full, happy, healthy lives, just as they should.

Pygmy goats are easy to prove food for; they do not need any special type of feed. They will stay healthy on feed readily available at any local feed store, such as oats and corn. They can also be fed sweet feed that is usually used as horse feed, sheep feed or even goat ration. Goat ration will have added vitamins in it, which can be beneficial to the pygmy goats, but is not necessary. Pygmy goats should be fed a quarter of a cup of grain twice a day per goat. They should also be fed hay daily. This includes alfalfa and grass hay. Grass hay can be fed free choice, but alfalfa should be fed once per day during the summer and twice per day during the winter. Mineral and salt blocks can also be offered free choice and can be bought at the same feed store as the feed and hay, making it one-stop shopping.

Water is a very important need that must be provided for the pygmy goats by their owner. Water should be available at all times and should be clean. The container the water is kept in should be clean at all times also. This container should also be the correct size for all the pygmy goats to be able to drink from it anytime they wish too, from the largest to the smallest goat in the herd.

Shelter is another basic need that pygmy goats have and must be provided for by their owner. This shelter must include an actual shelter, such as a barn or stall and a fenced-in enclosure. The shelter should provide a place for the pygmy goat to be able to get out of the weather. This shelter should have a roof and at least three enclosed sides that will be able to keep the goats out of bad weather such as rain, wind, sleet or snow and should also provide shade on hot, sunny days. The fenced enclosure is important for the protections of the pygmy goats from dogs, coyotes and other animals that could harm them or even kill them. This fence should also be constructed to keep the goats inside the pen and out of harms way, or at least your favorite flowerbed.

Vaccinating and deworming the pygmy goatherd is also important to keeping them healthy. Pygmy goats should be vaccinated yearly with CD&T, which prevents Enterotoxemia and Tetanus and they should be dewormed every three months for prevention from internal parasites. Vaccinations and wormers are usually left up to the owner’s discretion, but should be considered.

Pygmy goats are one of the most interesting breeds of goats available. Owners can have many years of watching these interesting, tiny goats if they are properly cared for and their needs are met.

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