Pyrex Glass Cookware

Pyrex is a name you can trust when it comes to cook ware that will hold up for years. Made of thick glass, Pyrex is a little expensive but since it’s virtually unbreakable, it’s well worth the extra cost – for some pieces. Although I love my Pyrex bowls with lids, the Pyrex cake pan gets cakes way too brown.

Pyrex has been around for many years but was always just the clear glass cookware, until recent years when they added colors, lids and new designs. Pyrex holds up well under heat or cold, making it easy to take it from fridge to oven.

I own several pieces of Pyrex and would take nothing for the bowls, which have been dropped and abused in many ways, without any damage. But the cake pan and the roasting pan seem to cook things too rapidly.

I use beaters with the glass Pyrex bowls and never worry that I might break them. The plastic snap-on lids now available make it easy to cover foods and transfer them to the fridge – even stack them. The lids come out of the dishwasher without being warped like many plastic pieces do.

Since Pyrex is glass, you can cover foods and place them in the fridge without worrying that other food odors will be absorbed. And, Pyrex is even safe for the freezer! You can’t say that about just any glass bowl.

Pyrex makes casserole dishes, roasters, small to large bowl sizes, square dishes in small to large sizes, and even measuring cups. All can be used in the microwave without worrying about breakage.

I highly recommend the Pyrex brand if you want cookware that’ll last for years, but I don’t recommend the baking dishes like the roaster, cake pan or casseroles. If you turn the oven setting down (if recipe allows), it does help somewhat to prevent over-cooking.

Pyrex is heavy so if you purchase online you may be faced with high shipping charges. Local department stores usually carry a huge selection of the Pyrex cook ware with or without lids. You can purchase sets of bowls, sets of just bake ware, or combination sets. Prices range from five or six bucks for single pieces to higher prices for sets.

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