Quick Tile Redecorating Tips

Most major home repairs or redecorating projects can become quite expensive but there are many that you can do for a fraction of the cost. Redecorating tiles is one of the easiest projects there is and when finished, it’ll look like you’ve spent a fortune on new tiles. There are many different ways to decorate the tiling but no matter which way you choose, start with very clean tiles, free of soap scum or grease.

One way to decorate the tiles is to paint just one tile, here and there, in a random pattern. Scuff the tile up slightly with steel wool or sandpaper then smooth with buffing cloth. Paint the tile, allow to dry, then paint and seal, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Rub-on appliques are another fabulous way to make tiles look new again. Choose your pattern from thousands at a craft or department store. Simply rub the design onto clean tile in the pattern of your choice. Rub one flower, for example, on every-other tile or just rub one on each tile around the perimeter of the walls. The appliques rub on easily with a popsicle stick or a coin. Seal them with a clear aerosol sealant.

Clear stickers, printed from your computer, are another idea for jazzing up the bathroom or kitchen. Print the stickers – many to a page – then peel and stick on certain tiles. Use clear aerosol sealant after affixing them to the tiles. Use the clear-type sticker sheet instead of the white paper-type.

Craft stores have all types of paint but one that will give an elegant new look to your old tiles is gold leafing. It simply brushes on and is available in silver, bronze and other selections. Some other types actually have gold leaf sheets. First you apply a glue-type adhesive which dries sticky. Then rub the gold leafing onto the tile for an antique look. A crackle liquid is then applied, if desired, to give a cracked look to the gold leafing. Either method is beautiful upon completion. Use the gold leaf paint to just outline an occasional tile for a totally different beauty. Or swirl the gold paint in random patterns across an occasional tile.

Fabric is a gorgeous way to make the tiles look beautiful but is not for use around wet areas. Cut the fabric pieces to slightly smaller than the tile itself. Use decoupage glue to affix the material to each tile then coat once again, over the top of the cloth, with decoupage. Use steel wool to buff slightly. Choose thin fabrics and even mix and match designs and patterns. Try to select material that won’t unravel or treat the edges with an anti-ravel formula found in craft stores.

Craft stores are full of other ideas for tile decorating. For example, look around a craft store for flat objects like brass letters, foam shapes or cork. Make your own cork design and glue to tiles or use the brass or foam to make certain tiles stand out. You’ll find lots of other ways to decorate tile if you just look around and use your imagination. Soon your bath or kitchen will look brand new.

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