Quick Tips for Speedy Organization in Your Home

Everyone at one time or another has clutter.Some people just don’t know how to organize things so they live with the clutter. Good news, you don’t have to. With these tips, you will be living in a organized home in no time. First I would like to talk about how to save some time on cleaning. Instead of running from room to room looking for supplies, gather all your cleaning supplies that you will use. Get a small laundry basket and put everything in it from your pledge down to your air freshener. Make sure to include your paper towels and your cleaning rags. Carrying your “cleaning” basket as you go from room to room saves about an hour by cutting down on stopping and starting cleaning while getting supplies.

What a better place to start organizing than in your entry way.Different seasons bring different clutter problems. For winter time, if you have a closet near your entry way, hang a shoe bad in there to catch all the hats, gloves and scarfs that come in. Another great idea for all seasons is putting a basket for each person in your home. When they enter your home they can drop things such as sunglasses, and keys in their basket so they know exactly where it is and will be able to just grab it and go out the door. If you have a problem with backpacks or purses, hang some wooden hooks to catch these as they come in.

Let’s move on to your laundry area. Laundry is a very time consuming chore. Getting your laundry area organized can help a great deal and who knows, you may not hate it so much after all. The cases of the missing socks is a big problem. Get a ziploc baggy for each of your family members. Take a permanent marker and write the name on the baggy. If they have a sock that comes out without a mate, put it in their baggy. Hang these baggies by your dryer with a push pin.If you want to get creative, or like to sew, decorate or sew a small bag to match your laundry room. After you put a sock in it, give it 5 times to find it’s mate. If you haven’t found the mate by the fifth try, recycle the sock as a cleaning rag to slip on your hand to clean ceiling fans or for doing your dusting.

Another thing that is hard to organize and keep organized is your jewelery. Buy a cheap fishing tackle box. Use the clear container inside of it. Use the small divided sections for your earrings. The long narrow sections for your necklaces and watches. You can also get another one for your hair ties, barrettes, and ribbons. It is easier to open the tackle box and see everything than it is to dig through your jewelery box. This will save you some more time.

For your bathroom, buy some inexpensive small plastic containers and place them in your drawers. Use one for makeup, one for q-tips, and one for cotton balls. You can save quite a bit of space by removing these from their original packaging. If you have very little storage space for your towels, roll them instead of folding them.

Next is the children’s room. Depending on their age, this should help organize and keep clutter down. If you have a young child that likes to drag everything out to find that one certain thing, then this is for you. Organize your child’s things in clear containers. This way they can see what they are looking for without tearing everything else out and leaving it lay. A painted filing cabinet is good for kids. Put papers and crayons and art supplies in one drawer and in the other put their books. A great idea for the older child is hang a over the door shoe organizer. You can store pads, pencils, art brushes, and all other art supplies within reach for them and better yet, they can view it without making a mess.

The main thing to keep clutter down throughout your house is if you don’t use it, pitch it. If you haven’t used it in 3 months, you probably won’t be missing it if you pitch it, sell it, or donate it. This is with the exception too holiday items. Make the most of storage space. Use an extra long table cover and store stuff under the table. It will be out of sight, yet your table would have an elegant look.

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