Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes for Multiples

Halloween is the one time every year you are allowed to dress up and play any part your heart desires. Dressing up in a Halloween costume is twice the fun when you coordinate outfits with a best friend, your twin, or as a couple. The following are some quick and easy Halloween costumes that work for multiples.

My favorite and the easiest costume for female best friends or twins is the devil and angel duo. For the angel costume you will need to dress up in a white outfit, a dress or skirt and top work best, and the devil outfit calls for all red. Add white wings and a halo for the angel and hrons and the optional tail for the devil. Both of these costumes can do with makeup and face glitter. Done!

Another option for twin Halloween costumes is to go dressed as your favorite Care Bears. This one is super easy, the hardest part is deciding which Care Bear you want to dress up as and hoping your twin doesn’t want the same one. As soon as you have your favorite picked out simply dress up all in the same color and finish by pinning the appropriate symbol to your belly.

For male twins or best friends I think these two costumes work easiest and require little detail. The first costume idea would be to go as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A Dr. Jekyll costume calls for a white lab coat and the most professional look you can muster up, a black doctors bag is optional. For the Mr. Hyde of the duo, dress all up in dark clothing and use face paint to acheive a sinister grizzly look. Apart this costume idea doesn’t have much of an effect but together it works great.

My other favorite Halloween costume for guys is a Nintendo Mario and Luigi pair. Again this costume is super easy and quick. Each of you will need a pair of overalls red for Mario and blue for Luigi, pair them up with sweatshirts or a t-shirt, again blue for Mario and green for Luigi. To finish off the look add white gloves, caps, and a moustache.

Now for the Halloween costume ideas for couples! My favorite would have to be a pirate and his wench outfit. Both of these are quick and easy to do with minimal purchases. Both outfits call for dressing up in dark clothes, pants and top for the pirate and a dress or skirt adn top for his wench. Pile on as much gaudy looking gold as you can find. To the pirate costume you can add an eye patch, bandana, parrot, or monkey. For the wench a bandana and the optional parrot or monkey, depending on your partners choice, should pull the outfit together.

Halloween costume idea number two for couples is a cat and mouse pair. You will both need to dress up in all black or grey clothing. For the cat costume a set of cat ears and an optional tail will need to be purchased and for the cat some cute mouse ears. Both costumes call for face paint, whiskers of course, and your’e done!

Hope these ideas help. Happy Halloween!

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