Quicky Fixes for Walls and Windows

You have company coming and there is a mark on your clean wall or while getting ready for bed you hear a rather disturbing sound from the kids room. When you walk in the window is cracked and ready to fall out leaving glass everywhere. You need to do something quick. There’s no time to go to the store for the correct product so you have to make due with what you have on hand.

Marks on the wall are removed quickly and cleanly with a piece of plain white bread. Remove the crust and just rub the bread on the mark. It will wipe it away without leaving a mark of it’s own. You are finished with a fine looking wall and company will never know dinner is short one slice of bread.

For the tougher stain of grease on the wall paper mix a little water and baking soda on a rag and rub away the stain. Mix with just enough water to make a paste. Rub it on the stain and let set for about 5 to 10 minutes then rub off with a damp rag.

If you want to remove wall paper in the least expensive way possible with products you might already have mix 1 capful of liquid fabric softener in 4 cups of water. Rub on paper and let set for about 20 minutes then scrape off the loose paper. If the wall paper is water resistant score it first with a wire brush so the mixture can soak into the glue behind the paper.

The window is broken and ready to fall out. First for safety reason have everyone leave the room. Put on heavy gloves and good shoes before you try anything. Too keep the glass in place as long as possible until you can remove it safely cross the glass with long strips of duct tape to hold together. Do this on both side of the glass for as much protection as possible. Then remove gently.

If the glass is already out of the window pane and you need to clean up as much as possible soak newspaper in water and place on floor or carpet lightly. The tiny shards of glass will stick to the paper making clean up easier and safe. Do this a few times to make sure you have as much of the glass up as possible. Wait for the area to dry naturally then use a strip of duct tape to go over the area for any left over pieces. If it is on carpet be sure to vacuum well after you have cleaned up all the glass you can with the first methods.

If you still have the screens on your window letting in fresh air for the last of summer check for tiny holes insects can crawl through. You can fix the small hole so it doesn’t become a large hole by coating it with clear nail polish. It fills in the hole and prevents further ripping. Coat the hole at least 3 times after each drying. It will save you money and give you a few more season before you have to replace them.

You are only beginning to get ready for the coming fall, but this will give you a great jump on further work as the air cools and the holidays beckon. These fixes are not meant as a permanent solution, but they work great for the quick fix or when cash is low and life must move on. Keep up the good work. There is more to come.

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