Rainy Day Personalities

When it comes to rainy weather, some people love it, some people hate it, and some people don’t give it two seconds of thought. In my experience of people-watching, I have noticed that there are at least 9 types of people you can find in the midst of the rain. Maybe one or more of these describes you.

1. The Singing in the Rain PersonEcstatic is not nearly a strong enough description for how this person feels about the rain. They are absolutely in love with it. In love. Getting soaked from head to toe and loving every minute of it. Twirling in circles. Jumping through puddles. It doesn’t matter who is watching.
2. The OCD Weather Person– One word to describe this person is prepared. Umbrella-check. Rain boots-check. Trench coat-check. Not a single drop of rain will get anywhere near them. There is no surprising this person when it comes to the weather. They take it pretty seriously, with constant checks of weather updates and hourly forecasts. Striking up a casual conversation with them about the weather will actually turn quite technical. The great part is that this person will always have an umbrella or three to spare when you forget yours.
3. The Oblivious Person– You know that person you do a double-take for because they’re wearing flip-flops in the pouring rain? Yep, that’s this person. They either really don’t realize it’s raining or simply don’t care. They don’t love it, they don’t hate it. Just another typical day.
4. The Logical Person– You won’t see them jumping through puddles or sticking their tongue out for a falling rain drop. That’s just silly. They appreciate the rain, but only for its usefulness. They might not come off as excited about it, but they’ll certainly be happy to save money on a car wash.
5. The Social Network-er – This person makes it their duty to let everyone know that it’s raining. Cut them a little slackâÂ?¦they’re just excited. Facebook: I am the happiest when it is raining! Instagram: here’s a snapshot of today’s rainy forecast from my phone. Vine: here’s a video of how much it’s raining outside of my window. Twitter: here’s a retweet from The Weather Channel. Pinterest: I just pinned 50 quotes and pictures about the rain.
6. The Rainy Day Fashionista– An opportunity to rock a new wardrobe in honor of the rainy season makes this person a happy camper. Frilly umbrellas, polka-dot rain boats, ear muffs, patterned rain coats, fuzzy gloves, lacy shawls, infinity scarves…you name it. Practicality aside, they’ll steal the show in style. One word for this person is determined. They are not about to miss the occasion to dress up due to a little rain.
7. The Hoodie and Sweats Person– They choose comfort over cuteness. Hair in a bun, hoodie on, and off they go. On a good day they may slip on a pair of tennis shoes, but otherwise, it’s slippers all the way. That’s right, slippers in the rain. Might not be practical, but it sure is comfortable.
8. The Cuddler– At the first sight of rain, this person is ready for a day of movies, snuggling and hot chocolate. The biggest dilemma of the day is whether to watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.
9. The Perpetual Summer Person– They do not just hate that the rainy season is here, but they really, really despise it. Just the thought of rain sends them into a terrible mood. They don’t want to be bothered with the change of weather and cannot be convinced one way or the other that rain could be a good thing. Having to carry an umbrella or sport a rain coat is an unthinkable hassle. Every throwback picture on Instagram is of poolside hangouts and beach days, constantly reminding their friends how summer should be a year-round deal.

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