Raising Money for an Elementary School Graduation Trip by Selling Candy

My brother was about to graduate from the fifth grade the class would take their graduation trip when it suddenly occurred to the administration of the school that they did not have enough funding for the trip. Being a special magnet school, the administration wanted to take the class to see the Lion King play on Broadway. All of the kids were really excited for the trip and the administration didn’t want to disappoint the kids. The parents Association scrambled for funding but they couldn’t raise enough money out of the parents in the school. What the school decided to do was have a fundraiser involving the selling of candy to raise money for the trip.

The school decided to contact Hershey chocolate which the school found out sells boxes of chocolate to students to use as fundraisers. The school buys boxes of chocolate for half the sale price that students end up selling the chocolate for. At Hershey’s sale price, the school buys each bar of chocolate for about fifty cents. The school buys the boxes of chocolates from Hershey and then sells the chocolate boxes to the students. The total cost for each student for a ticket to the show was around $75. So for each box of chocolate that each child buys, part of the cost of the ticket is reduced. The more boxes that students buy, the less the cost is until the child has paid for the full cost of the trip. Every child sells each bar of chocolate for $1.

This is a real money making fundraiser because everyone loves chocolate. Students can bring the box of chocolate everywhere they go; to the park, walking home, and to their relatives’ houses. Even people who don’t like chocolate will buy from students because they feel it is going to a good cause. Students will see that they usually sell a box in less than a week and they get a month or two to try and raise the full amount of money to get the ticket for the show. Whatever cost of the trip students aren’t able to make in the fundraiser their parents are expected to pay for the cost.

In the end, almost every student was able to pay for the cost of the trip by selling the chocolate and even students that didn’t come up with the full cost were able to get a huge discount so that they could pay for the trip. When the kids went to see the Lion King every child loved the trip and had the time of their lives thanks to their fundraiser. If your school is in need of money, consider the candy fundraiser as a great way to make money.

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