Raising Sheep

Sheep are easy to keep unless it is shearing time. Every spring sheep need to be sheared because if the weather gets hot and they are not sheared they get too uncomfortable or even die. It is important to shear the sheep when the weather get hot to help them battle the heat. Can you imagine wearing a wool sweater on a hot humid day? That is what it is like for the sheep that has not been sheared. You can hire someone to shear sheep or if you are in physically good enough shape you can shear them yourself. Sheep shearing is hard on your back and knees.

Sheep like to eat pasture grasses so all summer long they can survive on the grass in there pasture if there is an adequate amount of grass for them. You don’t have to feed them anything extra unless you want to give them a little treat. Sheep like bread or apples for treats and if the apples are cut up that is all the better. Just a small amount of a treat is good so the sheep do not get sick eating too much.

They should have a mineral block to make sure they are getting all the minerals they need to be healthy. You can buy a mineral block that is especially for sheep. If you buy a mineral block that is specifically made for another type of animal the sheep can get sick because different animals require different minerals in their diet.

You should always have fresh clean water available for sheep. Every animal needs water and sheep are no different. Water is essential for their good health.

Sheep are timid animals that don’t need a strong fence. Sheep don’t want to wander away too far so if they do get out of their fence they don’t go far and you can find them. If you spend a lot of time with your sheep they will eventually get to know you and feel secure around you. You can get them to take a treat right out of your hand if you are patient and gentle with your sheep.

You should probably worm sheep in the fall and spring. There are many different kinds of sheep wormer on the market. A farm store can help you decide what the best kind to use is. Sheep basically take care of them selves for the most part. Raising sheep can be fun and rewarding.

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