Raleigh Sucks! the Story of How 20 Types of Oaks Are Managed

Raleigh Sucks! The story of how 20 types of Oaks are managed.

RaleighCity Life – Report 1: The magnificent Leaf Removal Team

Raleigh prides itself on being the City of Oaks. Sure, there are other cities that pride themselves in a similar way, but few of them really are a forested city of oak trees.

Raleigh is different in that the city began from its inception to take a position the trees were an important part of the city. When other cities at New Years watch a giant ball drop for ten seconds, Raleigh is busy watch a Giant Nut, an acorn to be exact.

This morning at 7am I was reminded of this fact as the sound of a giant vacuum shattered my dreams. What could it possibly be? Who in there right mind would do this to a civilized person? Well maybe not all that civilized. Anyway, what is happening?

I got up, unable to return to the world of shadows and color that keeps me from getting fully rested each night. I took a shower as I needed something to wake me a bit before I went out to investigate.

Yes, if this were one of those horror flicks, I would be the one to go out into the dark to investigate the monster looking to jump out and slash someone up. Though I have never met a strange slasher, I have fallen in a pit, down a pipe and had a few other events wrack my life while investigating things in an unassuming way.

As soon as I got out of the shower I decided to actually look out to see what was making the giant sucking noise. Wouldn’t you know it; the windows were all fogged up. I couldn’t see a thing. It must be time to investigate.

Our two very brave dogs decided the wisdom was the better part of valor and decided I could investigate on my own. Men’s best friend, huh!

I proceeded out my back door and around to the front of the house. This is where the noise was loudest, of course.

There they were four men with a huge machine coming toward my yard. They were dressed in outfits that would do a Swat Team proud. Except for their faces you could hardly tell that there were men in the bulky uniforms. Uniforms of orange and green to mix well with the autumn colors the leaves used to have.

They started on my leaf pile like it was child’s play. It wasn’t. I have one very serious oak tree in the front yard. Just one tree, which thinks itself forest all by its lonesome self. It made a record harvest of leaves this year so as not to be out done by the neighbors.

The large vehicle they drive has a large chipper shredder attached to the back where they feed the piles of leaves as the scurry alongside. This is an annual ritual in the City of Oaks. My oak tree looked so very proud as the men easily spent three times longer on leaf removal in its yard than they spent on any other yard along the street.

I should mention my oak suffers from an extreme case of pride and vanity. It thinks it is the best, most beautiful oak in the whole city. Having traveled much of the city in my wanderings I have seen some trees that might have a different view. I would never let my oak know I may have doubts, so it can just go on dressing up each spring.

The leaf crew has been busy here in the 27609 zip code area near Maple Ridge. They sucked up the leaves here on December 10th a speck after 7am. They are doing a very fine job of removing the leaves.

If they are a bit delayed reaching your neighborhood you can thank my vain oak for putting on a few extra tons of leaves this season.

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