Real Estate Agents for Luxury Properties

You’ve worked hard for your success. When it’s finally time to turn that hard work into a tangible reward, no ordinary property will do. For help securing your fantasy-come-true home, it takes a dream real estate agent.

Luxury lodgings require specialized expertise. Though your agent or broker should offer personalized service regardless of price, there are a few extra qualities to seek when it comes to high-end housing. In addition to knowledge, experience, and integrity, a level of comfort and familiarity with the affluent market is necessary.

Carolyn Shamis of the eponymous realty company notes, “I walk the walk and talk the talk. I’ve owned and leased penthouses for 16 years and I understand the lifestyle. I’ve specialized in luxury high rises for 30 years [so] I know more than just the addresses!”

A great agent can perfectly pair the right lush life with the client. There’s a penthouse for each personality and The Plaza offers clientele a different lifestyle than The Renaissance. The agent should have the “inside scoop” on property features and management.

“[I know] the inner workings and the things people really care about: valets, building functions, resale value,” says Ms. Shamis, “and I try to teach my clients about their purchase in a non-threatening, non-pushy way.”

A dream-home agent should also have a keen eye for the architectural details and design elements that distinguish properties. Your agent will be your ally if you choose one with expertise in the type of lifestyle you prefer. “

Houses and condos are apples and oranges,” says Ms. Shamis. “The [condo] buyer needs to understand that the HOA is a great trade-off for the amenities and convenience high rise living affords.”

As the exclusive agent to sell entire DFW buildings, Shamis is an expert in her field. She offers straightforward advice: “Just be truly honest with your agent about what you want and what you can afford.”

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