Real Estate Businesses for Stay-At-Home Moms

Real estate is becoming a very popular field for stay at home moms. It allows you to have flexible hours, and work around your children’s schedule. If you are interested in this field you could try working from home as an investor if you have the money, or an agent or broker. Of course you will have to venture out of your home office to meet with clients and look at properties, but your main office area would be from your home.

The one thing that you do need is experience. But there are plenty of schools who offer real estate courses. Many moms are now into flipping properties, but you do need to have money or a decent credit score. There is a book called “Flipping Properties” by Bill Bronchick which you should be able to find in any bookstore. There is also a website called and they have a lot of free information and discussions.

Unfortunately many moms run into the same obstacles, they just do not have the money to invest. Or they are currently caring for a young child and cannot take any real estate courses. It is possible to buy houses for wholesale prices, and sell them to another person who has cash for a wholesale price. This does not require you to have money or credit of your own. First what you do is locate a seller who wants to get rid of their property fast.

They should be willing to accept at least 50% of the home value. You then have the house tied up at 50%, and then locate a cash buyer, and either do a double closing or assign your original agreement. You get paid without using any of your own money. One thing you should keep in mind however if you are thinking about getting your real estate license is that you will be limited to an extent, and you will be working for someone else, and only getting a percentage of the money.

Even if the real estate market in your area is high priced you should still think about investing. Larger prices means more money for you. If you are looking to educate yourself on real estate there are plenty of books and free resources that you can use. Two of these resources are, and Make sure that you take the time to read everything. You many also think about trying owner financed notes. Many sellers choose the option of creating notes with their buyer in order to sell the property.

This is especially useful for those who do not quite qualify for bank loans or mortgages. What they do is finance their own properties for sale. Depending on the note itself if you are a broker you can earn a nice amount of cash. You do not have to invest in any of the courses that are advertised in TV infomercials. You just have to find investors who are willing to train you in finding these notes. Once again use your online resources they are free and give you tons of information. If you are thinking about taking an on line real estate course this can be done, but it will take a lot of work on your part, and you really have to be committed.

Also keep in mind that if you are working for yourself the buyer or seller may need you immediately, and they do not care if you have a child. They feel they are paying you to represent them and you need to jump when they say jump. Take your time and make sure that you think things through thoroughly. If you totally commit yourself to a project you will make it a success.

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