Reality TV: Some of the Best Reality Shows

I was thumbing through the channels on my TV one day when I ran across Survivor. Needless to say, it caught my attention. I thought, wow this is interesting. Real people placed on a deserted island, and they were all competing for one million dollars! I watched the entire show, and the following Thursday I tuned in again. After watching the first two episodes I was hooked.

Once Survivor was over for the season I begin seeing more and more reality TV shows, and I watched them. It was then, during Survivor, that I became addicted to reality TV. To me, it was a new form of entertainment. I usually watched at least one or two reality TV shows a night, and they were all on my local stations. Because I became so addicted I wasn’t even watching the satellite anymore – the shows on there seemed to be re-runs all month long, and I lost interest.

Due to my new found entertainment, my husband and I had the satellite shut off. Over fifty dollars a month was being wasted on something neither of us were watching anymore….I miss it on the weekends, though. Only if you could just pay for satellite on the weekends. Anyway, back to reality TV. Because I’m such a faithful fan, or what many may call a “reality TV junky,” I will be keeping you entertained a lot. At least 3 days a week, maybe more, I will be posting my views on my favorite reality shows.

My views will be a bit different from many others you read. Instead of posting recaps of everything that went on in the show that night, I will be posting discussions on my views of the people, and I may even tell a few memorable highlights from the shows as well. I will even be asking your thoughts, so join in by posting your comments too. Everyone has their own opinion, and their own favorites, and that’s what I want to know – your opinions and favorites, not just mine. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me, and why you agree or disagree. It will be fun, just wait and see.

We all know these shows only last a certain length of time and then they’re over. Well I’ve got more good news…I will even try to keep track of some of the stars to see where they end up, what they’ve done for themselves and more. I’ll even set a goal to interview some of the past stars, now I won’t guarantee this one, but I will try my very best.

The reality TV shows that I plan to cover include: The Bachelor, Survivor, Wife Swap, The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Big Brother. I may add more to my list later, but for right now I will stick with the ones mentioned above. Not only do I welcome and invite your opinions, but I also welcome and invite any feedback or suggestions you may have to share. Grab your favorite drink, get comfortable, and visit me here to join in on the fun!

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