Reasonable Italian Food in a Rich Town

With a median income of $141,728, Wilton is 300% above the national statistics, according to the latest Census numbers. This is hardly surprising. The vast majority of residents are involved in the financial industries in roles as varied as traders, hedge fund managers and personal financial advisors. That speaks to big money. Many are escapees from Manhattan who wanted the good life and can afford every aspect of it. However, that is not the case in my house. Between my husband’s excellent job at an internationally known and respected cable network and my freelance work, we do ok but we are hardly in the stratospheric area of our neighbors.

So the question at hand here is: what are two ex-Manhattanites to do if they want a good Italian meal in Wilton without breaking the bank? Here are a few good and a few not so good options to consider:

Wilton Pizza Jazzeria TM
202 Town Green
Wilton, CT 06897

Founded by Matt Criscuolo in 1993, Wilton Pizza is a gastronomic joy to behold. The jazz theme blends seamlessly (and without a hint of hokiness) with the delicious Italian dishes including Lay Day Bolognese, Parker’s Pesto and Tortellini Bud Powell. During the summer, they offer live Jazz either inside or out on the patio. It is BYOB. One of the nicest options here is to get free delivery to your home. So, baby, when it is cold outside, call them up and they will have a Calloway Pizza at your door within an hour.

Portfino II
10 Center Street
Wilton, CT 06897

Portofino II Restaurant was opened in 1989 by the same owners of Prezzo Restaurant and Brick Oven Pizza; Mirabella Restaurant in Ridgefield; and, their newest place Sky Bar & Grill, also in Wilton. Originally it was located in the flower shop in the Old Post Office Square. While not a lot of creativity, there is a good deal of flavor here for your dollar. Nice appetizers including the traditional fired calamari and entrees with or without pasta are tasty and filling. In the summer it is pleasant to sit out on the patio but watch out for the stroller bridge before 8 pm or so.

Luca Ristorante Italiano
142 Old Ridgefield Rd
Wilton, CT, 06897

When we first arrived in Wilton, we were advised that Luca was the place to go for authentic Italian food. Within a few short weeks, we decided to try it. Neither my husband nor I were feeling great so we just wanted some good pasta. We had honeymooned in Positano and were looking forward to the taste for southern Italy. We were quite disappointed with the entire meal. Not only was Luca crowded beyond all reasonable means, our waiter was none to happy with the fact that we were only having two meatless pasta dishes. He gave us attitude the entire night. The kicker was that those pasta dishes, with no meat, foul, or seafood of any type, were each over $30! While they were good, they were by no means extraordinary. Between the spacing, the attitude and the price, I will not be returning to Luca again and if you value a nice evening, you won’t bother either.

Tuscan Oven Trattoria
544 Main Ave. (Rte. 7)
Nowalk, Connecticut 06851

While not technically in Wilton, this Norwalk trattoria should be included in this little survey because it is just over the town line. This facility looks like a chain from the outside but inside you can find very good, if quite pricey, Italian specialties. Big servings of pasta and brick oven pizza are favorites. There is a substantial wine list to accompany almost any taste. Two of the nice offerings here include a working fireplace and a tasting menu.

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