Rebounding on a Trampoline: Return to Childhood for Ultimate Fitness

Looking for a fun, low impact, high intensity workout that helps you burn calories, tone muscles and promote overall wellness?

Look at children bouncing on a trampoline. They have no idea just how great of a workout they are getting – they just do it for the fun – fitness is just a byproduct!

Trampoline fitness, also known as rebounding is considered one of the best activities to promote health. And rebounding is great for anyone regardless of age, fitness level or abilities!

Rebounding exercises and strengthens every muscle, organ and cell in your body! It strengthens the musculoskeletal system by providing gravitational forces, which can increase overall movement. It increases lymph flow which stimulates waste removal and cell nutrition while decreasing the risk to certain degenerative disorders such as arthritis and some cancers. Exercising on a trampoline enhances digestion and elimination, improves oxygen intake and increases immunity. It improves spatial awareness, balance, timing, reaction time and coordination. It enhances strength, flexibility and stamina. It also combats common aches and pains associated with a lack of exercise, such as neck pain, back pain and headaches. It can improve mood and mental clarity.

Rebounding is a low impact aerobic activity which can burn 100 to 280 calories in just one thirty minute session as it helps tone every muscle. Plus it’s inexpensive, handy and fun – rebound while watching your favorite TV program – rebound in your office – rebound at lunch or whenever you can spare a few extra minutes!

Getting Started
Before starting any fitness routine, its best to consult with your primary physician to assure you are healthy enough for moderate exercise.

Mini trampolines are best for fitness routines as the goal is to perform small controlled movements. Bigger trampolines are also beneficial but increase the chances of injury because movements can easily become too big and uncontrollable. Trampolines with side rails are best when starting out to avoid catapulting injuries.

Purchase a stable six-leg design mini trampoline with a solid spring system and non-slip mat – this should cost you no more than a month’s membership at the local gym.

As with any fitness routine, a good warm-up regiment including stretching will help reduce the risk of injuries. Trampoline injuries, though rarely life-threatening can sideline you with sprains, strains and fractures, so caution must be taken and every safety procedure should be followed.

Regardless of your present fitness level it is important to start out slowly. Rebounding is a different movement than traditional exercises and only time will decrease any side effects you may experience. Common side effects include the feeling of sea-sickness, headaches and leg or muscle cramps. If these occur, stop rebounding and wait till the pain subsides before attempting again. If pains are still present in several days, seek medical advice.

Start out with a five minute session of bouncing without your feet leaving the mat to get the feel of rebounding and work up to twenty to thirty minutes (those of advanced age should start out with two minutes). Always wait at least thirty minutes before rebounding again.

Once comfortable with this new exercise surface, try adding arm twists. But since your arms and legs act as levers they determine the complexity and intensity of your workout so make sure you begin arm movements at waist level and gradually increase to overhead. If out of breath, try dropping your arms back down and slowing movements.

As your fitness level increases you can begin to add other exercises. The beauty of rebounding is any aerobic routine can be modified to be performed on the trampoline. Try jumps, jogging, marching, sidesteps and jumping jacks. Perform regular toning exercises such as leg lifts, upright rows and bicep curls while rebounding. You can even utilize hand and ankle weights to intensify routines.

Having trouble with finding a good routine? Try a rebound workout tape. Complete with a warm up, exercise routine and cool down, workout tapes provide you with an all-over routine to maximize rebounding benefits.

Rebounding, an inexpensive, low impact aerobic and muscle toning activity can be enjoyed by everyone, from children to seniors. So go ahead, let loose and return to your childhood by giving bouncing a try!

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