Recycle Your Way to Lower Home Heating Costs

Are you sick and tired of chopping kindling wood to start the woodstove everyday? Or do you buy it pre-chopped? Well, chop no more, pay no more! I’ve got the answer for you! Recycle your drier lint and old egg cartons! This method only takes a few minutes and the best part is…it’s free!

Just follow the four simple steps below and you will be on your way to a quickly warm fireplace to cuddle up next to, without the hassle or the cost of kindling wood!

Step One

Don’t throw away your old egg cartons, Save them…All of them! You’ll need the paper cartons, not plastic ones! Just hold onto these until Step Four.

Step Two

You know, the bags and bags of drier lint that you throw away each year…STOP throwing them away! Hold onto that drier lint and put it to good use by recycling it to use in heating your home!

Step Three

Burn a large candle, make sure it has burned long enough for a pool of liquid wax to form (at least a few tablespoons).

Step Four

Open up an egg carton and stuff it to the max with the drier lint. Then close the lid and pour your candle wax down inside all of the holes. Make sure your lint is nice and saturated.

Allow this dry overnight or at the very least for 2-3 hours, then just take your new “kindling” and stick in the stove, just as you would regular kindling wood (but now you won’t need the newspaper either), then light it up and close the door!

It’s so easy to do! Collect your egg cartons for awhile and then do a whole bunch of “fire starters” at once or do one each time you empty an egg carton, it will only take a couple of minutes and you will be done!

Just think, not only are you helping to heat your house with out the hassle of cutting kindling wood or the high cost of paying for it (and don’t forget about the mess), but you are also helping the environment, by cutting down on the amount of trash in our landfills just from recycling your lint and egg cartons! Imagine how pretty it will smell throughout your home if you use a scented candle wax too!

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