Recycling Tips for Home, Car and Work: What Products You Can Recycle and How to Help the Environment

Where to Recycle!

Home Recycling
• Reuse everything that you can. Think of all of the things that you throw out during the day.
• When you must throw something out, compact your trash as much as possible.
• Use products made from recycled products, rather than new materials.
• Purchase reusable, rather than disposable (towels, napkins, diapers, storage containers, etc.)
• Use phosphate-free detergents. Do not use pesticides. Properly dispose of hazardous waste and NEVER pour hazardous chemicals down the drain!
• Use natural cleaners rather than chemical cleansers. For example, use vinegar and water to clean your windows. (or find a Natural Cleaning Service in your area)
• Never leave the water running needlessly. Install a water-saving shower head and use cold water rather than warm or hot water, whenever possible.
• Complete simple tasks by hand, rather than using electrical appliances.
• Burn only seasoned wood in your wood stove or fireplace.
• Lower the temperature in your home (wear a sweater, use an extra blanket, etc.).
• Turn lights, televisions, stereos, etc. off when not in use.
• Get your morning paper from the internet, rather than your front porch.
• Never use herbicides or pesticides (pull out the weeds from around your home and learn about natural and chemical-free pest control).
• Use mulch in your garden to conserve water.
• Plant shrubs and trees that require less water than average and are not prone to insect infestations.
• Dig up some of the grass in your lawn and plant native shrubs and trees instead.
• Compost your leaves and yard debris or take them to a yard debris recycler.
• Use organic fertilizers.
• Use a battery-powered mulch mower (replacing 1/2 of all gas-powered mowers eliminates the hydro carbon equivalent of 2 million cars!!!).

Car Recycling
• Never litter!
• Do not waste gas (drive sensibly, keep your car tuned, make sure that your tires are properly inflated, etc.). (better yet, buy a hybrid vehicle if you have to own a car)
• Extend the life of your tires (rotate and balance them, align your wheels, etc.).
• Recycle your engine oil and old tires. Buy a more gas efficient vehicle or better yet, a hybrid or electric car.
• Carpool or use public transportation, walk or bicycle whenever possible.

Work Recycling
• Start a recycling program…shredded paper makes wonderful packing material!
• Purchase products made from recycled material rather then new material.
• Use reusable products rather than disposable products (dishes, cups, flatware, liquid chalk boards, etc.).
• Rotate or post memos rather than making multiple copies of them (if available, use voice mail or e-mail).
• Print or copy on both sides of paper, turn off office equipment when not in use.
• Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Vacation Recycling
• Carefully dispose of items you throw away. Make sure that your plastic trash does not end up in the ocean!
• Set your home thermostat to a lower temperature and turn off your water heater while you are vacationing.
• Take reusable cups, dishes and flatware with you.
• Do not remove any plants or animals from their native habitats.
• Purchase environmentally friendly souvenirs (no ivory or sea turtle shells or hermit crabs)
• Be considerate of all wildlife and the areas that you are visiting.
• Stay on the trails that are already created. And always remember, only take pictures and only leave footprints.

Lead by Example
• Teach others, especially children, to respect our planet and all of its plants and animals.
• Purchase environmentally educational products and subscriptions as gifts.
• Write to senders of junk mail, ask to be removed from their mailing lists.
• Write to companies that needlessly test their products on animals. Ask them to permanently ban such practices.
• Support environmentally friendly businesses by purchasing their products and using their services.
• Abstain from purchasing the products and using the services of environmentally unfriendly businesses.
• Vote for candidates that share in our concern for the environment.
• Communicate your environmental concerns to your congress persons.
• Support sustainable companies with your purchases.

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