Redline: VPX Sports New Innovative Energy Pill

VPX Sports, maker of Redline Energy pills and Fat Burning Products knows exactly what kind of sick things we are all, or at least most of us, looking for in this type of product. As torturous as it may be, we want to feel a rush to the head, we want to feel ourselves quivering, we want to be “jacked up” all night and not able to sleep, why? Because, of course, then we know the stuff is working. With so many energy diet pills and products on the market now that deliver false promises, society has become impatient and though willing to try new things, not often willing to give them much of a chance. But VPX Sports has delivered an entirely new, breakthrough product in the Redline product line. With ingredients like Yerba Mate, Yohimbine, Caffeine, and Green Tea, to only name a few, a single capsule will have you feeling speedy in minutes. Literally. VPX is so sure that users will feel the effects of the energy and fat burning capsule within five minutes that if you go to their website they are offering a free money back guarantee for anyone unsatisfied. Otherwise, the product is $69.95 from the manufacturers website, which is pricey but well worth it. VPX Sports is also currently offering a buy two get one free deal if you call 800-954-7904.

According to VPX Sports, the energy pill, Redline works by implementing “a 100% Polylipid liquid delivery that takes particle weight down to less than one micron.” They also pride themselves on having a product with no smell. The website even suggests energy pill, Redline users to do a comparison by crushing open one of their current energy diet pills next to the energy pill, Redline and acknowledging the difference in purity.

The one downfall about the energy diet pill, Redline is that in order to lose the weight and feel the force of energy you have to allow your body to sweat and shiver. Users of the Redline capsules will describe an odd shivery, tremorous type of sensation in their body in about five to ten minutes after swallowing the pill and though, yes, one then knows it’s working, this feeling can be a bit uncomfortable and nerve wracking if you don’t know to look out for it. VPX assures us that this effect is extremely normal though and exactly the goal of the product. What also comes along with the energy pill Redline is a great sense of concentration and overall contentedness in mood. It is great to take while you are trying to focus on a project on the computer or some sort of writing assignment where the normal noises of the world might sometimes be a distraction.

The first few times I took energy pill Redline, I felt on top of the world. I definitely experienced the shivering effect and I will admit it is a bit disconcerting, as it makes it hard to do such tasks as type properly on a computer keyboard for the short time that it lasts. Also, since the Redline products raise your body temperature, I found myself getting indescribably hot just out of the blue sometimes while sitting at home. And this is after taking it only once a day, for about three or four days. The positive results I noticed were dramatic, though. I did feel a great rush of energy and alertness, but not in the way that was frightening or seemingly dangerous to my body. I’m hesitant to use the word euphoric, but I did feel an overwhelming sense that life was good and I was enthusiastic about the project I was working on during the time. Also, as a side note, the pill makes you extremely horny! Overall, it was a great experience and I also noticed a significant change in my weight, which wasn’t very high to begin with but still, I noticed myself getting a little waif-like. The only reason I stopped taking the energy pill, Redline product is because after a while I noticed I experienced stomach discomfort after taking it. If it weren’t for that I’d still be an avid user.

Another effect one should look out for is possible stomach ache. Be sure to drink a lot of fluid with this capsule (also a fluid) and if you can, eat right before taking it. Don’t worry, eating, especially if it is something healthy will not prevent the weight loss, for you have to have fat to burn fat. But after you take the energy pill Redline for a few days you will probably notice your appetite severely decreasing. Again, just make sure to drink a lot of water. VPX suggests taking three Redline capsules daily which seems like a lot. Whatever you do, take it slow in the beginning, for the affect of this pill is very strong, even on huge, bulky men. And plan to not leave the comfort of your own home for the first few times you take it, as the shivering effect if not managed properly could tag you as a crack addict at your local post office, grocery store or wherever you may decide to meander off to after swallowing a Redline capsule. The Redline product line also includes Energy drinks. VPX Redline

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