Reduce Heel Pain Naturally

I can relate to this topic. I love to exercise and I do aerobic exercises four days a week, however, I am feeling the aches of the constant pressure on my heels. One would never think that your heel is so important, but believe me it is. If you have heel pain, there are a number of natural treatments you can do to help reduce the pain and discomfort. However, if you are suffering from heel pain you do need to seek medical attention. Because the problem can be much more than a sore heel, natural treatments may not totally heal heel pain but applying these natural treatments can help reduce the pain.

A couple of herbal natural treatments to help reduce heel pain is Turmeric and Boswellia. Take some Turmeric to help reduce the stiffness and pain of your heel. Follow the directions on the label when taking turmeric. Next is Boswellia, which can help reduce the swelling and pain of heel pain. A product that has boswellia in it is called Inflavonoid Intensive Care, which works great to help reduce heel pain. You can take a product that contains both turmeric and boswellia to double the effectiveness and reduce inflammation and pain.

Homeopathy can reduce the pain and speed the healing process of the most common causes of heel pain. If your heel is stiff in the morning and gets better throughout the day, try Valerian or Rhus Toxicodendron. If moving your heel makes you tired and cranky and is worse with each step, try Ruta Graveolens. If you feel better sitting with your foot up, the pain feels like electric shock, or if it feels better when you’re warm and rested, then try Phytolacca Decandra. If you have difficulty telling when your heel feels better, and the pain feels like darts shooting, try Stellaria Media.

If your heel pain is worse when a storm is coming, try Rhododendron Chrysanthum, but if it’s worse during a storm, then try Phosphorus. If the pain is pulsating, try Natrum Carbonicum and if the pain is better on a rainy day, try Causticum. For all of these remedies, take two tablets a day of the 6X or 12X potency but don’t take each remedy all together take one at a time, and take only while you have the pain. One last thing you can do to help reduce heel pain naturally is to do some stretch exercises for the calf muscles, which can cause heel pain if they are tight and not strong enough to handle pounding and constant movement.

This stretch exercise can help heal and prevent heel pain. Before doing stretch exercises make sure you have warmed up the muscles, stretching cold muscles can cause injury. Stand on a bottom stair step with your heel hanging off the edge of the step. Rise up stretching your calves for ten seconds and then lower back down. Keep doing this exercise once a day several times a day building up to thirty repetitions a day.

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