Reduce the Risk of Diabetes with Better Oral Hygiene

It’s been said that the mouth is the window to the body and that might very well be true. Many people don’t know that tooth and gum problems are what’s behind their other ailments, such as stomach upset or frequent earaches. That’s because poison can build up in the mouth, from an infection, and create pressure points for sinuses or ears. The poison can also travel through the blood stream to other parts of the body, causing pain or worse.

Diabetes patients are faced with infections from the feet to the teeth. It’s long been known that those with diabetes face the risk of gum disease much more frequently than those without diabetes. But, now there’s evidence that mouth infections can be the kick-off to type 2 diabetes.

Bacteria builds up in the mouth, when gum disease is present, and that bacteria can travel through the bloodstream into other organs. This can cause an activation of cells that can produce biological signals that can wreak havoc throughout the system. Since the pancreas produces insulin, any damage to the pancreas can cause insulin issues. Once the bacteria from the mouth enters the pancreas cells can be destroyed, sometimes triggering type 2 diabetes. This can happen even if the individual has no other symptoms of diabetes.

The Surgeon General has issued a report on oral health stating that good oral health is imperative to good overall health. Brushing and flossing teeth daily is the key to helping prevent the triggering of diabetes.

There are other oral health problems that have been linked with diabetes, besides tooth infections, such as thrush. Thrush is a fungus that grows inside the mouth and appears, usually, as a whitish or yellowish covering over the tongue, throat, or inside cheeks. Another problem is dry mouth, from medications or other sources, can cause mouth ulcers, infections and cavities, which can possibly trigger the onset of diabetes later.

Whether you have diabetes, or want to take steps to avoid it, control your blood glucose level. Take the best care of your gums and teeth and be sure and visit the dentist at least twice a year. To avoid thrush, stop tobacco usage and clean dentures, if you wear them, everyday.

If you already have diabetes make sure you inform your dentist. Avoid dental work, unless it’s an emergency, until your blood sugar level is stable. Diabetes is a terrible infliction across the world. It’s important to take every necessary step towards preventing it.

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