Reflexology Links Body’s Health to Foot, Hand

Foot Reflexology’s earliest dating goes back to approximately 2330 B.C. where it is depicted in cave drawings in Egypt. Although its exact origins are unknown, one theory is that it developed out of Taoist energetics, which ultimately led to the development of acupuncture in China.

Reflexology is a health science based on the principle that all organs, limbs and bodily systems are linked to the hands and feet. Unlike Western reflexology, which is founded upon zone therapy, Chinese Reflexology is based on meridian theory, which holds that any blockage of energy in an area affects all the organs & glands present along that meridian. The energy that is being referred to here are the subtle energies in the body (known as Chi) rather than the conventional meaning (the get up and go-type energy). These pathways can become blocked or imbalanced by many factors including emotional problems, stress, diet and lifestyle. When blockages or imbalances occur, the body is unable to heal itself due to a breakdown in its efficiencies. It is at such time that illness can occur.

There are two other types of energy which can be influenced by Reflexology. The circulatory system develops an energy from liquid flow (blood, lymph fluid) which is based on pressure and volume. The circulatory system pumps blood to all parts of the body which provides nourishment to all the cells. In addition, it picks up the waste products (toxins) from the cells and transports them to the points of elimination (kidneys, liver, intestines – for example). Since the feet are the furthest from the heart and must also contend with the effects of gravity, some of the waste products may remain down by the feet. Other factors, including poor circulation, poor fitting shoes, etc., may also contribute to this condition. If this continues for any length of time, these accumulated waste products harden (calcify) and start to grow as more waste products accumulate.

In addition to the effect on circulation, this calcification may also begin to affect the electro-magnetic energy of the nervous system. There are hundreds of nerve endings present in the feet. These connect to the network of nerves in the nervous system. Each organ and gland is represented at the feet. As this calcification becomes larger, it may start to put pressure on these nerve endings which may upset the communication between various parts of the body. This communication is essential to maintain harmony and balance within the body. Without harmony & balance, the body becomes even more stressed.

Reflexology focuses on the whole person (holistic) approach. The purpose is to help the body heal itself. Reflexology may assist the body in several ways. Applying pressure to parts of the foot helps break the calcification deposits into smaller pieces which makes it easier to transport these toxins, by the blood, to the points of elimination. This action also takes the pressure off the meridians and helps restore better communication along the electro-magnetic network of the nervous system. Stimulatoin of areas on the feet sendz signals to the corresponding organs & glands and acts like a wake up call.. Using the body’s own innate intelligence, the signals will either help speed up an underperforming body part or slow down an overperforming body part. As the body begins to normalize, harmony and balance are restored.

Reflexology also reduces stress by bringing the body into a deep state of relaxation. The length and frequency of the sessions will vary depending on the individual. People with chronic conditions may need more frequent sessions, at first, to help release old toxins and bring the body into balance. People wanting to do it for prevention, would need less frequent sessions.

Each foot has over 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. Working areas on the feet helps balance body organ functions. This type of drugless therapy creates a physiological change in the body by naturally improving your circulation, which reduces your body tension and enhances relaxation. It aids in the elimination of body waste and restoring the body functions to better health.

Even if you don’t believe or understand the premise behind reflexology, you can’t deny that a good old-fashioned foot rub can take a day’s stresses.

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