Relieving Prostate Problems Naturally

Certain drugs that are suppose to relieve prostate problems are no more effective than natural treatments. And, of course, most medications come with a host of side effects and can even increase one’s chances of getting prostate cancer. Drug companies and possibly some doctors, strive on the sales from medications. Is it not very obvious the reason why many doctors don’t recommend or approve natural treatments? They can’t make any money on herbs, vitamins, and other natural treatments. But your number one concern is your health, so here are a number of natural treatments that work to relieve prostate problems without taking drugs.

The best natural treatment is Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto completely erases the symptoms of prostate problems such as, the inability to urinate or going to the bathroom several times during the night. Saw palmetto can help to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the prostate and it may block an estrogen component that causes prostate cells to grow. Taking 160 mgs of the herb twice a day should help relieve the prostate problem. Make sure you use the product that has 85 to 95 percent fatty acids and sterol. You can also take some nettle to help increase the effectiveness of saw palmetto. Nettle contains saw palmetto and other herbs that work to relieve prostate problems. Take 300 mgs of the nettle to do the job.

Taking pygeum can also help to reduce and relieve the symptoms of prostate problems. Using this herb in conjunction with saw palmetto and nettle can increase the effectiveness of all these natural herbs. Take 25 to 100 mgs of pygeum a day until the symptoms go away. In order to overcome the nutrient deficiency that causes prostate problems, take 90 mgs of zinc daily in three increments. Then decrease the dosage to 60 mgs a day and then to 30 mgs a day until the symptoms go away. Since taking zinc can cause a deficiency in copper, take 2 mgs of copper with every 30 mgs of zinc you take.

Fatty acids to the rescue again. Known as omega-3 fatty acids and found in seeds, nuts, and fish, fatty acids are very beneficial to our body and can do wonders to naturally treat many ailments. Increasing the intake of fatty acids can help to relieve prostate problems. Taking flaxseed oil twice a day, along with 400 ius of vitamin E, can help also to naturally relieve prostate problems.

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