Religion and the Catholic Diocese

In the Catholic diocese priests and bishops are being accused of raping and molesting young children.There should be extensive background checks done to an individual to be allowed to enter the priesthood in the catholic diocese,before vowing to a life of celabsy.

The Roman catholic bishop of Cleveland announced that 117 priests and one deacon were accussed of sexually abusing children in the diocese in Cleveland over the past 53 years.There are no specific financial figures but the diocese remains on a solid foundation.The National Research found that 4,392 clergy molested 10,677 victims over the half-century.700 priests haved been placed on leave since 2002.

Bishop Anthony Pilla a priest of the Cleveland Ohio diocese has been accussed of covering up for abusive priests.2,515 priest served in the cleveland diocese the abuse rate was4.6 percent.

By the end of 2002,1,200 priests had been accussed of abuse according to the na tionwide study done by the New York Times.

Barbara Blaine president of Survivors Network of those abused by priestsaid,”priest can do better,numbers and money will
not matter and that is not going to help the children.

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