Remove Candle Wax from Your Carpet with Ease

I love candles and have them throughout my entire home. I enjoy candles for their fragrance and for the soft lighting that they have. Candles can be very romantic and serve as a great purpose for making your home smell even better but what happens when you spill candle wax on the carpet? It creates a mess that doesn’t seem to want to come off. I tried just about everything until I was to the point of chopping up the carpet just to remove the wax.

Instead of chopping up my carpet like a mad women, I found a solution that worked very well and has even worked on removing gum from the carpet. After trying this, I passed it on to my friend who also had this problem in the past and instead of trying to remove the carpet, she just covered it up.

The first thing that you should do is to get a small bag just as a zip block bag and fill it with ice and then place it on top of the candle wax. This will help to make the candle wax cold so that it will freeze and become easier to remove. Leave the ice on the candle wax for a few minutes so that it has time to work its magic.

Now that the candle wax has become cold, you can pick the pieces off of the carpet. If it hurts your hands to do this, try using a scraper for easier removal of the candle wax.

If there is still candle wax on the carpet, you can take rubbing alcohol on a sponge and it should pull the small pieces up to the service for removal without having to rub too hard.

Learning from experience has also taught me to make sure that I have some type of tray under each candle even when they are in a candle holder. My worse episode came after I bought a red candle and it seeped onto my beige carpet. I became furious and scrubbed my little heart out until I gave up on getting the candle wax out.

Some people will try to use heat to draw the candle wax out of the carpet and this solution may back fire on you and cause the wax to seep even more into your carpet. Cold methods are best when trying to get candle wax out of your carpet and like I said, this method also works for chewing gum.

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