Remove Tough Laundry Stains with Mean Green Cleaner

Bleach is great at removing tough stains but is harsh on your laundry clothes. Bleach isn’t very effective at getting rid of grease or oil embedded in your clothing. Mean Green Cleaner is a super strength cleaner and degreaser that is strong enough to use on heavy duty stains but gentle enough to use in your laundry. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used to clean tough messes inside and outside of your home as well as in your laundry.

Mean Green Cleaner can be bought for under $4.00 from most retail stores. You can’t miss it. Mean Green Cleaner comes in a white, orange, and green 32 ounce spray bottle. A pair of angry eyes stare at you from the Mean Green Cleaner label. One bottle of this powerful liquid will take care of all of your cleaning needs for at least a month. A little of this clear green liquid goes a long way. Be sure to keep a bottle of Mean Green Cleaner in your laundry room. You will love how this cleaner removes tough laundry stains!

I used to weld at a steel plant. I came home covered in metal shavings, grease, oil, and a number of other nasty substances. My welding uniforms were embedded with stains that even bleach couldn’t remove. This is how I discovered how well Mean Green Cleaner works in the laundry. I already used Mean Green Cleaner all over my house. I even sprayed a little on my hands to degrease them after work. That was when I read the label more closely and found that Mean Green Cleaner was safe enough to use on fabrics. Even the most stubborn stains came out of my clothes with Mean Green Cleaner.

Any major stains should be sprayed directly with Mean Green Cleaner and allowed to soak in for a couple of minutes before placing them in the washing machine. While letting your pre-sprayed clothes sit, start your washing machine and add a quarter cup of Mean Green Cleaner to the laundry water. Let your washing machine fill up so that the Mean Green Cleaner is evenly diluted in the laundry water. Add all of your clothes, including the clothes that you pre-sprayed. Add your regular laundry detergent and let the Mean Green Cleaner remove even the toughest stains from your clothes.

Mean Green Cleaner does not have an overpowering smell that is common to many heavy duty cleaners and degreasers. This miracle cleaner will not effect the smell of your favorite laundry detergents and fabric softeners. The only thing that Mean Green Cleaner will effect is the stains on your clothes. Mean Green Cleaner gets rid of the toughest stains without wearing away your clothing like bleach does. Before you do another single load of laundry, be sure to have a bottle of Mean Green Cleaner ready to remove every stain you spray it on.

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