Renewing Your Wedding Vows: Should You Do it and How to Prepare

Weddings are a common occurrence, especially during the spring and summer months. Each year thousands of men and women will make the decision to become one couple. On their wedding day these couples are most likely looking forward to the future and happy times together. Even though the divorce rate is on the rise, there are many married couples who are able to stay together through the good times and the bad. To showcase that devoted love there are many individuals who make the decision to renew their wedding vows.

There is a common misconception concerning the renewal of wedding vows. It is a myth that many married couples renew their marriage because someone broke those vows. There may be some truth to that assumption, but it is not always the case. There are some married couples who want to renew their wedding vows just because they are still in love and they want all of their friends and family to know that.

A renewal ceremony is similar to a traditional wedding. It may not be as elaborate or as expensive; however, there is still a lot of preparation that goes into a renewal ceremony. To prepare for a renewal ceremony the number of guests will have to be decided. Estimating the number of expected guests will make the planning process a lot easier.

The location of the renewal ceremony will also have to be decided. There are many couples who have this ceremony take place at a location that is meaningful to them and their relationship. The number of guests will have an impact on the location. There are many couples who choose to renew their wedding vows in the church where they married before, their own home, a park, or another location. There are no set rules or guidelines when it comes to the renewal of wedding vows.

The ceremony and wedding vows will also have to be discussed. There are many couples who want their renewal ceremony to go exactly as their wedding went; however, others want something new. If you are renewing your wedding vows the decision will is completely yours. When it comes time for the vows there are many couples who write their own vows.

After a wedding a reception is usually held. The same can be done for a renewal ceremony. The reception can be as low-key as desired. Many times gifts are not given at a renewing ceremony; therefore, the reception is mostly used as a social event to celebrate family, friends, and love.

The renewal of wedding vows does occur, but it is not something that occurs as often as it should. If you are interested in renewing your wedding vows, but do not have the financial resources to plan a big event do not worry. A renewal ceremony does not have to include any guests. The purpose of renewing your wedding vows is to reaffirm your love for your spouse and it will not matter if the whole world is present or if now one is at all.

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