Repair Cracked Walls in Any Room of Your Home Easily

When the ground freezes during the cold Winter months and then thaws in the Spring your house will settle and shift. Both new houses and old ones are subject to this. When it happens you may notice hairline cracks in your sheetrock walls.

Sheetrock goes up in sheets. They are generally four feet by eight feet. The most common place for a sheetrock wall to crack due to shifting is where the seems are. When this happens you’ll know. You’ll see a crack going vertically, up and down your wall. This actually is normal and happens in just about every ones home.

Many people think that this only can or will happen in the older homes. Not true! New homes are also subject to cracks as well due to the shifting of the ground. It’s not about the house you see, it’s all about the earth.

You don’t have to live with cracks in your walls! They can easily be repaired. You won’t even have to replace the whole sheet of sheetrock! Isn’t that wonderful? Repairing a crack is so much easier than repairing a large hole, there is no replacing to it.

When you put up your sheetrock, or when it was professionally installed, sheetrock compound was used. Sheetrock compound is also often called mud. This is what you’ll need to use in order to repair those cracks.

The first thing to do is to look around your home for any cracks that you may not have noticed yet. When you do one you might as well do them all. One pointer though…wait until the ground has thawed. Don’t do this in the middle of Winter while the ground is still frozen.

Once you’ve pin pointed each area that needs repair apply your mud with a mudding knife. It looks much like a putty knife. Smooth it over the crack and wait for it to dry. Sand the area smooth and then touch the area up with the paint you used for that wall. (Another reason why it’s a good idea to always keep unused paint after re-doing a room.)

Once you have completed this you have repaired your cracked sheetrock walls! It really is that simple. I have even done it myself. Owning a home means caring for a home. This is just another thing to do to keep your home in good repair and looking great! Thanks for reading and take care!

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