Repairing Wood Flooring

First, look at how much damage there is and how deep. For example if you have only one deep scratch, you might consider replacing that piece. For a minor scratch using a surface treatment such as “Old English Scratch Cover” works great. More major scratches can be filled with colored wood putty (if you do this, it is suggested you get several shades as close to the end color you want).

Mix them to get what looks like a match, take a small bit of the mix spread it out thin while you take the rest add a few drops of water in it and wrap it in plastic wrap to keep it from drying out while your thin layer dries. This way you can check the dry color against your project. They also make crayon style wood fillers if they have one to match your floor. The best way to check that is to take an extra piece of the floor with you. If that isn’t possible check the color against a color chart or box of crayons or whatever that is easily taken with you. If it isn’t a perfect match write a note and stick it to it as to what direction it is off in. When applying any of these you want to go across the scratch not with it, and then gently wipe off excess being sure to leave it in the scratch. Let it dry then clear coat seal it, followed by wax.

If you are a perfectionist you can make a pair of cuts in the piece to be repaired. Make them almost the full length of the piece and about 1/3 of the width apart. Make the cuts just barely deep enough to go thru the piece. Then break out the center using a screwdriver or chisel don’t worry about if it breaks through to the end of the piece (just be careful to not damage surrounding pieces). Use a chisel to finish taking out the center. Then gently push the sides into the center, carefully removing any nails that hinder.

Take these pieces to the store with you along with the measurements it will help them match the color and type. With it a good store can match it exact (don’t let them sell you less). When you get the new piece if it is tongue and groove style, cut the tongue off leaving the groove, this will allow you to insert it into the pre-existing space. Clear all debris. Apply construction glue to bottom of the piece and insert it. Be sure the store explains the exact application technique used to make it match so that you can copy what they did.

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