Replace Your Blinds with Shutters This Summer

You’ve seen those houses with plantation shutters on their windows right? They make the windows look much more elegant than plain and simple everyday blinds do that’s for sure. If you take some time this summer maybe to replace yours the next time you have visitors they will wonder if you’ve remodeled your room completely. What they don’t know is that all you’ve done is install new window shutters fast, easy and all by yourself.

Installing plantation window shutters are easy to install, but I bet in your head the procedure to installing them right is wrong.. You think; you buy them, you fit them into your windows and viola! The reality however is that it takes a little bit more than that. With this great walk-through you though you will have them up in no time. Just follow the steps and the surprise after you say “It’s only the window shutters that were added,” will be a double surprise when you say, “I installed them myself.”

Steps To Selecting/Installing Plantation Shutters:

1) Measure. Before you get started on your project and before you go to the store to buy your materials, get accurate measurements by measuring across the tops, bottom and middle of the window. Then you will go by the largest of the three. Following this, you will have to measure again; this time though from the top molding to the top of the windowsill to be able to buy the correct shutters for your windows.

2) Decide on inside mount. Once you have your plantation shutters which by the way are extremely beautiful to you and you can’t wait to get them up already you will have to decide on an inside mount which will attach inside the window casing. You can also decide to place it on the outside mount attaching outside the window casing. Which ever makes you happy:).

3) Ensure proper placement. Now to ensure this proper placement you are now to add wood shim on top of the wondowsill. This will support the shutters during their installation and thus ensuring the proper placement which is very important.

4) Mark holes. Once the previous step is done it’s almost time to install your shutters. But first you must hold your shutters in the position you’d like them and use a screw maybe or a pencil to mark the holes. When you are done set the shutters aside once more.

5) Drill and reposition. It is now time to get your safety glasses and drill right where you made the mark. You will make the hole smaller than the screw size for a good fit. Now get the shutters and re-position them again. Use the drill to drive screws into the holes and secure the shutters. Almost done!

6) Look at it and secure it. Once you are done adding those first screws thus securing your shutters you must step back to analyze and admire what you’ve done. You’ve installed shutters! Yes that’s right now it’s time to check that everything is even. If you’re sure that you’ve done everything correctly add the screw covers. You must use a towel to protect the screw cover and surrounding area because you’re going to be tapping and you don’t want any damage. Tap lightly on the covers to secure them in place with a small hammer. Finally you should add the decorative knobs. Viola, you’re done!

Now that you’ve installed one shutter it’s time for the rest if you have more. Your guests are going to love your work so get to it:). I hope you’ve found this guide easy and helpful. Your new shutters are going to look great this summer I just know it!

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