Repurpose Your Christmas Cookie Tins in 3 Steps

Christmas cookie tins can be repurposed into very useful storage. I love simple and stylish storage and cookie tins leftover from Christmas are perfect for making this.

If you love the look of Ikea storage or stainless still boxes, then try these simple steps on for transforming your Christmas cookie tins in so few steps!

Step #1: Preparing Your Storage Tins

Go ahead and clean the surface of your Christmas cookie tin. Wash away any crumbs with an ammonia based cleaner and air dry.

Once dry you want to sand away any rust. Old cookie tins tend to rust, so this may or may not be an issue. Wipe away any dust.

Prime out the whole Christmas cookie tin with a spray on primer. Look for a product like Kilz. Do this in two light coats. This will cover any of the patterns and designs on the Christmas cookie tin.

Go ahead and paint the inside and the outside as well. You do not have to paint the inside, but it is a nice touch.

Step #2: Painting

Once the primer dries you are ready to start painting. This is anywhere the look of the storage box will emerge. For a more contemporary or clean lined looking storage tin opt for a silver spray paint. Look for something that says stainless steel look or brushed nickel.

Another fun option is to add textured. Hammered metal spray paint is the perfect way to add interest t a cookie tin and also cover up any dents or damage. Hammered metal paint can be bought in copper, silver, brass, bronze, and gold.

Apply two coats of the paint of yoru choice. Allow each coat to dry before adding the next.

Step #3: Labeling the Storage Box

The final step is to add a label to your cookie tin turned storage box. Look for leather or metal picture frame corners at the craft store.

Glue these onto the side of the storage box, right on the front. Glue them on so they can hold a small card.

Cut out a card that will slide into the picture frame corners.

Another fun idea is to buy some plastic sleeve that are in the shapes of small tags. These can be bought at the craft tore as well. Cut out paper that can be slid into it. Write the names of the items in the container on the Card., slide into the tag, and then lay the string of the tie over the edge of the container. Press the lid on to hold the tag in place!

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