Resolve’s Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner: Twin Tested, Mother Approved

Resolve’s Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner is the real deal. Not only does it work wonders on every fabric under the sun, it if inexpensive and lightweight (unlike the mechanical spot cleaners on the market). I give Resolve’s Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner four out of five stars.

Living in a household of four children and three micro fiber sofas has led me on a journey I thought would never end. Spills here, stains there, and oops’ everywhere was a daily ritual I had become accustomed to. Finally, I had seen and scrubbed enough. Therefore, I went to the store to purchase a mechanical spot cleaner. What I found was Resolve’s Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner and my life is better for it.


It Works: The Resolve Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner really does work. It removes new spots and stains as well as old ones left unreported by children and adults alike. I used the product on carpets, sofas and even clothes. The spots always disappeared.

Overall Cleaner: If it is, time to clean an entire area such as your whole sofa, the Resolve Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner works for that too. I had an older family chair that had seen better days and I was amazed at the outcome. The fabric was clean and refreshed. A wonderful result.

Price: At under $4.00 per bottle, the Resolve Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner is affordable and valuable. One bottle has lasted me a little over one month and that is with 3-year-old twins in the house. Therefore, most normal households will have much better longevity.


Sprayer: The sprayer leaves much to be desired. It commonly sprays inconsistent spots of cleaner as opposed to a mist that will cover an entire area. If the bottle is not held straight up, the sprayer does not function at all.

Spot Cleaning: If you want to use the Resolve Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner for spot cleaning on a light colored fabric, it is best to clean the entire area. Using the Resolve Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner on one spot for the first use may lead to one circle of perfect clean and an entire area left looking far dirtier. I was forced to clean my entire sofa after removing one fateful spot. The stain vanished but so did dirt I did not know was there.

My overall rating for the Resolve Multi-Fabric Spray Cleaner is four out of five stars. The product ha a few area of needed improvement, but the fantastic cleaning results far outweigh the problems. This product really works. Dirt, grime, stains, food and grass were all removed from multiple fabrics with ease. The only thing it did not clean was permanent black marker and the kids will be working on that one for a while to come!

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