Restarting Your System

It’s all about the wiring, isn’t it?

I see it like this:

We add/remove programs from our computers at home and at work all the time. When we need a certain application installed, we install it. When we no longer have use or need for that application, we remove it. It’s gone. All components are safely deleted. Because there is one less needless program, there is more room to download new items when prompted. They remind us time and time again with each installation CD that it is wise to restart the computer every time you add or remove a program so that it will run correctly.

I sit here wondering why we don’t take this same approach with our daily lives.

In a way, each day we download and uninstall the things that we need or no longer use. This can relate to something simple like donating old clothes that are no longer worn, recycling used water bottles that once replenished you and now only takes up valuable space on your counter top, or going to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. Not everything is as simple as throwing plastic into a box though. There are times when life-altering decisions need to be confronted and this is when we forget to run the virus scan and reboot the computer on our lives. We need time to adjust and to refresh our systems. Our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls need time to get used to the new software we are introducing it to and this doesn’t happen overnight. I think getting used to that idea is the first step…it is a slow process. Not every computer runs at the same speed and not every human being adjusts as quickly as others. I am learning that there is nothing wrong with that either.

We refresh web pages all the time when something is not working right or running as fast and as smoothly as we’d like. Why then do we not refresh our inner web pages? Why do we neglect ourselves? We would never stand for it if there was a work-related deadline involved. When we are involved it is an entirely different story. We’re suddenly not worth the time. We’re not important enough. How many times a day do you tell yourself, “oh, it’s just not worth it”….”I’ll get over it”….”I’m tired”….etc.? Refresh the page. Refresh your life. Restart your system. Don’t add anything until you get rid of the viruses, the junk mail, the spam, and the spyware in your life.

I’ve been defragging my system for years and I am finally starting to see it coming back together. After a little while, you tend to forget how a fast system moves and how good it feels. It is scary because you’re not used to restarting your life and untangling your past to move forward. I’ve been in judgement of myself for longer than I care to admit and I am finally ready to push that switch and start re-wiring my mind. Pre-conceived ideas are suddenly going out the window, making more room for the necessary items I wish to carry with me.

Remember this when you are constantly installing information, life lessons, people, places, etc. and you don’t allow your system to catch up with you: Re-start. Re-wire. Have Patience. If you have trouble re-booting, it means you need to work on your system to get it back up and running again.

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