Review: Custom Order Process at Menard’s in Richmond, Indiana

Recently, my family decided to work on a large home-improvement project. We found a great price on the materials we needed in the ad from our local Menard’s store. When we arrived at the store, we found out that the specific color of the item we selected was only available through a custom order. I typically shy away from custom orders due to the additional cost and trouble. Will this custom order through Menard’s home-improvement store prove to be a big pain or a plus for us?

Ordering Process

I have four kids in tow whenever I go anywhere. Time and convenience is of the essence with me. I’ll admit that I wanted to waltz right into the Menard’s store and snatch my roofing items and head home to send my husband onto the roof.

Placing the custom order for our roofing metal and materials at the Richmond, Indiana Menard’s store took some time. We gathered around a computer area and read off our measurements for the roofing metal down to the exact inch. Each and every piece was entered into the computer so that it can be cut to length. This step seemed slightly time consuming, but would really pay off later during the actual project itself.

Kids being kids, they got bored after awhile. It was at that time that we were invited to play at the play area located at Menard’s in Richmond. I don’t know if all Menard’s stores offer this option, but it is really wonderful for parents with children. A large, safe play area is located inside an enclosed area of the store. Children are welcome to climb and play on this fabulous play set while parents shop.


The staff at the Menard’s store in Richmond is excellent. I have never been disappointed, yet. The gentlemen who assisted us at the time were very professional and courteous. They read our custom order back to us to make sure of the accuracy before it was entered for the final purchase. They even answered our questions and directed us to options that were of equal quality at a lower cost. Who could ask for better service than that?


The products were to be delivered within 7 to 10 working days. We felt this was an extremely reasonable wait for our custom order. Upon placing the custom order at Menard’s we were told that we would receive a postcard in the mail informing us when our order had arrived and was ready to be picked up. As an alternative option, we were given our order number that we could check online to verify the status of the custom order on the Menard’s website.

We patiently waited for our postcard to arrive. When it had not reached our mailbox in the third week, we checked the Menard’s website to verify the status of our order.

We were extremely pleased at the availability of our custom order in such a prompt manner. On the other hand, we were disappointed at the fact that we did not receive the postcard to notify us. I would highly recommend that anyone placing a custom order from Menard’s check the status of the order on the website.


The cost of the custom order was not significant. Well, the materials were not inexpensive, but what roofing project is cheap. We got a great value for our buck at Menard’s with the sale price of the roofing metal. There were no additional fees to pay for the convenience and preference of the custom order. We were happy to here this when it came time to ring up our bill.

Satisfaction Rating

I would have to give Menard’s 4 out of 5 stars when it comes to ordering a custom order. The process does involve a touch of a wait, but it is worth it in the end to get the products you want at a great price. The staff was excellent and the store really caters to families like mine. I would place another custom order with them again in the future.

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