Review: Swiffer Sweep Vac

Review: Swiffer Sweep Vac

Since I am semi-disabled I have to find fairly easy and efficient ways to keep my home clean. I have parquet floors in the entire house except for the bedrooms. It seems that the house is always dusty. I used to sweep with a conventional broom and dust pan and the dust continues to fly all over. I could really notice the dust when the sun shone through the windows of my home. Even when I used the vacuum cleaner it didn’t do away with the dust in the air. Last week I bought the Swiffer Sweep Vac and I absolutely love it! Now I don’t see the dust in the air that I was always used to seeing. I have asthma, and in the mornings I always seemed to have some sneezing and wheezing problems, but now that I have cleaned my floors with the Swiffer Sweep Vac I have not had any sneezing or wheezing lately. I attribute this to the fact that there is not the same level of dust in the air as before.

The Swiffer Sweep Vac picks up all the small debris that is left when you sweep. It really does work very well. It takes very little effort to use this little machine, and since I have a mobility problem this is just the thing for me. It is my new toy! This machine is great for getting into tight spaces that your conventional vacuum cleaner cannot get into. I’m sure you have seen the commercial on TV about this machine. You can believe this advertisement. The Swiffer Sweep Vac does what the commercial promises. It is just as good as it is portrayed on TV. If for some reason you do not love this machine like I do, there is a one year guarantee that comes with this product.

The Swiffer Sweep Vac has to be assembled, but it is easy to do. The directions are clear and easy to follow. I am not usually one that will attempt putting things together when I buy them. I usually wait for someone else to do it… but I tried it and found it very easy to put together.

If I were to rate this product between (0 and 9 zero being the worst) I would rate this product a 9. I truly like using this machine and find it very user friendly. It picks up the most minute of debris that normal sweeping and vacuuming might leave behind.

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