Review of Childress Vineyard in Lexington, NC

It is a beautiful sight,as you drive up the Childress Vineyards. The grape vines are on both sides of the driveway, as they fill the acres around the building.
Tours at Childress Vineyard are 12noon, 2pm, and 4pm daily. The lobby has a large fountain, when you enter the door to the building. There is a large conference room off to the right hand side of the building for business meetings.

Wine Tasting Room-
You can taste the different flavors of wines that are made at Childress Vineyards in the Wine Tasting Room. Wine tasting cost is according to how many wines you want to taste. Five wines is approximately $15.00-$19.00 to taste. This helps you to pick from the lowest cost of wine starting at $19.00 a bottle to $99.00 a bottle and on up. Prices are according to the Vintage of the Wine. Cost do vary. They also have a variety of jellies and jams that you can choose from.
The Bistro Cafe is located on the first floor. It is open for lunch at 11am-3pm daily. The cost is $17.95 per person and $8.95 per child plate.
The Elevator is used for tours of the building. This is also easy for wheelchairs to use.

The Vat room is where the grapes are cleaned and dehulled. The stainless steel vats help with the juicing. In the Barrel room, barrels start at the floor and go to the ceiling. Barrels are brought in from different parts of the world. Different wine ages for months or years before they are put on the market to be sold.

There is a cellar that is cool. Some of the wine is kept in the cellar, as it ages. There is a small boardroom in this same area for small meetings.
The processing room can be seen through glass windows, as the wine is put into bottles to sell to the public. Executive Conferences can be scheduled overlooking the grape Vineyards or have dinner in the barrel cave. Weddings are held at the Vineyard. Call for details if interested.

Mailing address: 1000 Childress Vineyard Rd.
Lexington N.C. 27295
(336) 236-9463

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