Review of Dr. Scholl’s DR8553 Half Back Cushion Massager

Not only does Dr. Scholl’s spell comfort for aching feet, but it soothes sore backs as well. The Dr. Scholl’s DR8553 Half Back Cushion Massager is fabulous. It heats, it vibrates, and it’s portable! I spend a lot of time at the computer every day writing, so my back gets stiff and sore. Since I’ve gotten the Dr. Scholl’s Back Massager, I have been able to work for hours in comfort. I just turn the massager on the setting I want and let it soothe me as I sit and write.

My mom has a sensitive back from a previous accident and she also works as a hair stylist. The type of work that she does involves sitting for 10 or more hours at a time with her arms lifted. Thanks to the massager, which has heat settings as well as separate upper and lower massage motors, she can endure hours of braiding and styling without aggravating her back injury.

While the massager only covers the back area (rather than a full seat), it is easy to transport and comes with attachments for plugging into a car. Road trips can be conquered with the gentle throbbing motions of Dr. Scholl’s Half Back Cushion massager. We loved ours so much, we gave them to all of our relatives!

What I love most is that I can use it to focus on the lower back or the upper back. So if I’m feeling tense in the lower back, I can choose the lower back setting and then later switch to the upper back and then go to both settings. This is useful when you are working for long hours and you need to alternate the motors.

You can also change the intensity of the motors. With three settings, you can go from a subtle vibration to a strong throb. Usually, I feel the vibrations throughout my whole torso when using the third setting. Heat is an optional setting, but it greatly improves the ability to relax. The heat soothes the muscles as the motors massage your tissues.

This product is the next best thing to a massage chair. And it’s less than $25 dollars! My mom bought ours at a beauty supply store, but you can find it on Amazon and other shopping websites if you don’t see it in a local beauty supply or drug store. I’d definitely give this a 5 out of 5. If you are using it to relax after work, it’s also great to combine with one of Dr. Scholl’s foot tubs or foot massagers. Can you say fabulous?

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