Review of Glade, Peppermint Mocha Room Spray

Glade has always managed to please me when it comes to their limited edition seasonal room spray fragrances, however none of their scents managed to capture my attention quite the way Peppermint Mocha did when I first spotted it on shelves.

The brown aluminum can stuck out due to the clever drawn image of a hot cup of cocoa on the can. I thought it would be called cocoa, but was surprised to find that it was actually labeled as Peppermint Mocha.

No other room spray had ever done a mint and chocolate combo, let alone a chocolate scent, so I was pretty excited to see exactly what the fragrance would be like when the two scents mixed.

What I particularly like about Glade room sprays is that their scents come out in a finer mist from the nozzle than any other brand. Febreeze has a unique nozzle which produces a mist like spray, but even their mist is thicker and falls to the floor more quickly.

The Scent:

Dazzling, suiting for the winter season, and refreshing!!!

Glade’s Peppermint Mocha spray first hits your senses up with a delicious minty fragrance, which is sparkling, refreshing and extremely different. Once the minty scent begins to diminish you are left with a nice sweet aroma of chocolate. The two seem to mix perfectly creating a minty sweetness that refreshes, than warms the mood of the air.


Not many room sprays are capable of having a really long lasting effect. This basically rings true to Glade’s Peppermint Mocha. You get about 5 minutes of lasting scent till you can no longer detect it.

This is fine though, we leave a can in the bathroom for quick scent refreshers, and in comparison to other name brand home fragrances, this one lasts just as long as any other brand.


Glade Peppermint Mocha room spray is a star on its own, and I only could wish that it was a fragrance that we could buy year round in stores.

The price is worth what it delivers, and it is truly a perfect holiday/winter scent for the home.

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