Review of Mr. Coffee 3 Quart Iced Tea Maker

When hot summer weather sets in, nothing cools a person off like a tall glass of iced tead. Iced tea, whether sweetened or unsweetened, is a perfect summer beverage because it can be very cheap to make and you can slightly alter the flavor with additives (like fresh fruit). However, when the weather gets exceptionally warm, who wants to stand over a stove and heat up water for the tea bags to steep? The perfect solution to the problem is a Mr. Coffee 3-quart Iced Tea Maker.

The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is similar to a coffee pot only the pot has been replaced with a pitcher. First, you put tea bags in the brew basket. While according to the directions, you do not have to put an additional filter along with the tea bags, I like to because it gives the tea more time to steep. Additionally, there is a knob on the machine that allows you to adjust the strength of your brew. Next, you fill the water reservoir. Lastly, you need to put ice in the pitcher. Once you turn it one, the machine produces a wonderful pitcher of perfectly brewed ice tea. Mr. Coffee’s Iced Tea Maker also has an automatic shut off so when your pitcher is full, the unit shuts off.

Personally, I have had no problems with my Iced Tea maker, but other owners I’ve talked to complain that the pitchers can crack over time. I’m pretty careful with mine and it has survived hundreds of gallons of tea. If something should happen to the pitcher, Mr. Coffee sells a replacement for the unit. Be sure to remember that the pitchers are not dishwasher safe, so they must be washed by hand.

The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Makers are available at most big box retailers, so prices do vary. Most sell in the neighborhood of twenty-five dollars. When shopping for this item be on the lookout for the larger 3-quart version as Mr. Coffee does sell a 2-quart machine as well. If you look carefully, you can usually find the 3-quart version just as cheaply as the smaller one. Mr. Coffee also sells ones that include an extra pitcher as a bonus, which is terrific for households that drink more than 3 quarts of iced tea per day.

Regardless of which one you decide to purchase, I’m sure the product will produce lots of great-tasting iced tea for years to come.

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